Explore our tea benefit guide to discover which teas align with specific health goals. Read on for recommendations that cater to your wellness objectives and uncover the perfect blends for a healthier you.

Wellness Tea Guide

A soothing cup of tea offers not only a moment of silence and relief, but also can assist you through life's challenges. Explore our tea wellness guide below to discover which teas align with your specific health goals and wellness objectives.

Lower high blood pressure with tea

If you were diagnosed with high blood pressure, it's possible to reduce it by changing lifestyle and diet. Of course, you and your doctor would need to make the ultimate call. But there have many successful instances of people doing this naturally and without medication. The good news is the tea can be the perfect partner to lower high blood pressure when combined with proper diet and physical activity.

Replacing Alcohol with Tea

There are times when people take a break from drinking and evaluate their relationship with alcohol. Thankfully there's a delicious, refreshing beverage that can help replace the routine: tea.

10 Teas For Your Healthy New Years Resolutions

Whatever goals you have for the new year, a cup of tea will help you along the way. Tea is rejuvenating and packed with the health benefits you need to support your healthy new year’s resolutions. Even better, simply choosing high-quality, loose-leaf tea already accomplishes some new year’s worthy goals.

The Guide to Weight Loss with Tea

If you are seeking to lose weight, tea makes an ideal companion, it being part of the diet and exercise equation. While there are many approaches to diet, there are a few “GOLDEN RULES” that are almost universal in nature to any diet that is geared towards weight loss.

Four Hour Body Tea Recommendations

The Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss uses data from hundreds of athletes, MD’s and his own experimentation to develop a book focused on physical health, fitness, nutrition, and self-improvement. There are plenty of specific teas that can be incorporated into the four-hour body. Tea is a great way to get proper hydration along with numerous additional benefits that tea brings.

Health Benefits of Iced Tea: Iced Tea vs Hot Tea

Despite the pleasure that can arise from drinking a glass of iced tea, the iced variant has proven to be less popular that hot tea in recent years. While the popularity has waned in recent years, there are still a number of reasons to grab for the glass of iced tea and bring its popularity back up to where it should be.

Tea for Inflammation

Tea has been used for thousands of years to reduce the results of inflammation. Green tea and herbal teas have been shown to have all sorts of anti-inflammatory properties. Now modern science and studies are showing that incorporating various teas into your diet can potentially help reduce chronic inflammation.

What's Chaga Mushroom Tea?

Chaga Mushroom tea is a trending beverage that has been looked at for its potential health benefits. There are various options for drinking chaga, and we explore the various ways that Chaga can be consumed and product recommendations.

How to Fix Brain Fog with Tea

Brain fog is one or more symptoms that affect your ability to concentrate, focus or think. Drinking tea is a good way to nourish your brain, as the delicious beverage offers a number of benefits to this important organ.