About Us


Step through our doors and you'll know we're just not another tea shop. Our story started in 2004 when we decided to quit our jobs in New York City and follow our entrepreneurial spirits. Drinking tea became our one of our habits, but there weren't any consumer friendly stores to buy tea locally. The tea businesses at the time were based on a 19th century model. There were plenty of coffee shops - but what about tea?


To solve the problem, we created our own 21st century vision for what we wanted in a tea shop. A large selection of premium tea, easy access for customers to explore, and a unique menu of food items that cater to both tea and non-tea drinkers.

Oh, and we forget to mention we had ZERO restaurant experience. In fact, we didn't have any real business experience. But with no jobs and our first child on the way, we had to figure it out!


After nearly ten years of experience, with another child - we started to expand. We added a new location and several years later added a location dedicated to on-line sales.


Restaurants require extra attention for customer service. We apply this to our on-line store. We're here to answer any of your tea questions. Our focus is on health and wellness, and we take care in making sure we provide everyone with accurate, usable information.


We are fortunate to have been voted the best tea shop three years in a row.

"Open in Ballston Spa for 15 years, Troy for five and with a new location under development in Schenectady, The Whistling Kettle has a near-lock on the market and on the votes: The other four top finishers combined have 30 percent fewer votes that the Kettle"



Whether our customers are around the corner or thousands of miles away, we treat everyone like family. We have close ties to all our suppliers - from local produce vendors to family owned farms in China. Our tight relationships ensure that the products you purchase from us are top quality.