Tea with measuring tape for weight loss

The Guide to Weight Loss with Tea

If you are seeking to lose weight, tea makes an ideal companion, it being part of the diet and exercise equation. While there are many approaches to diet, there are a few “GOLDEN RULES” that are almost universal in nature to any diet that is geared towards weight loss.

Weights loss with tea - the basics

If you are seeking to lose weight, tea makes an ideal companion, it being part of the diet and exercise equation. While there are many approaches to diet, there are a few “GOLDEN RULES” that are almost universal in nature to any diet that is geared towards weight loss.

  • Control portions & eating schedule
  • Eat less refined/highly processed foods
  • Eat more whole foods
  • Stay hydrated
  • Good sleep
  • Limit Sugar
  • Limit Alcohol

While the first three points have many different options that apply differently to various body types and genetic backgrounds - staying hydrated is universal, which makes tea an ideal way to level up your hydration regimen.

Water is critical to weight loss as it serves many functions such as:

  • Natural appetite suppressant
  • Increases calorie burning
  • Helps remove waste from the body
  • Needed to burn fat
  • Optimizes workouts

Can tea be substituted for water? In most cases - YES! With most tea you get hydration of water but with added benefits that only tea can provide.

Tea with measuring tape for weight loss

Using tea instead of water for weight loss

Tea comes in many varieties, so before we get into which teas to drink, we should discuss what not to drink.

For maximum benefits, tea should be brewed fresh. Even tea without added sugars will lose some of their potency sitting in a bottle in a store, not to mention a much higher cost. Sugar should be avoided whenever possible. This rules out drinks like Southern Sweet Tea, Bubble tea or fancy Chai Lattes (save these for cheat days).

Some people like to add honey. Honey is generally considered better than sugar, but it still is considered an added sugar. If you are used to sweet things, consider scaling back slowly. You'll find some teas are actually better without added sweetener. The same goes for added dairy. A few teas may go well with a small splash of milk, but dairy heavy tea drinks will contribute to excess calories.

Can you drink too much tea?

Many teas contain caffeine, although with the exception of a few herbals, it's about half the amount or lower than coffee. It would be highly unlikely that you could consume more than the 400mg daily maximum dose in tea form.

Moderate tea consumption should be fine for most individuals as long as you don't drink excessive quantities of any one type of tea. If you are on any type of medication, check to make sure the tea you are drinking doesn't interfere.

Don't expect miracles!

Some people might try to skip the tea drinking and take pills, such as green tea pills. If you ask most qualified nutritionists, they will almost always advocate getting your nutrients from FOOD and not rely on vitamins or pills. Short cuts like green tea extract may also have significant side effects which a simple google search will reveal.

Plus, there is a positive to the ritual of tea. It only takes a few minutes to prepare, but the site/smell of the tea brewing has more of an intangible benefit versus popping pills.

Tea for weight loss recommendations

Most people like a little caffeine in the morning and a bold flavor. Any black tea can fit this category nicely. The caffeine in black tea will boost metabolism and energy. The polyphenols in black tea may have a positive impact on digestions. L-theanine has a calming effect, which reduces stress and prevents stress-related overeating.

There are some herbal teas like Yerba Mate and Guayusa that also contain caffeine.

Fruit Tisanes are especially popular because they are full of flavor and are considered calorie free hydration. Iced tea is popular during warmer months, and drinking unsweetened tea is a great way to get added benefits and hydration at the same time. Using a dedicated iced tea brewer makes having it on hand really easy.

Many fruit tisanes contain hibiscus which can help with blood sugar regulation and control cravings.


Green and white teas contain high levels catechins, particular EGCG which is a powerful anti-oxidant which is believed to have thermogenic properties.  Some studies suggest that EGCG may enhance fat oxidation. Green and white tea also helps you maintain concentration - like meditating or reading.

Oolong tea contains modest amounts of caffeine that boost metabolism, as well as catechins like green tea. Some studies have found oolong might influence appetite regulation and control hunger, as well as stabilizing blood sugar. The combination of caffeine and other compounds in oolong tea may have a positive effect on physical performance. 

Pu-erh tea is unique in that is undergoes microbial fermentation which produces certain compounds including gallic acid and theaflavins. Some studies suggest that these compounds may have anti-obesity effects and could influence fat burning.

Pu-erh is also been used traditionally to aid in digestion. It is thought to help break down fat and improve the body's ability to metabolize food. It may also help lower levels of LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol). 

Certain herbal teas like Yerba Mate and Guayusa contain anti-oxidants with a caffeine boost that can help burn calories as well as provide some extra energy in the afternoon.

Having a good night sleep is vital to health and good sleeping habits are linked in many ways to maintaining weight. Having an evening herbal elixir will provide extra benefits. We recommend allowing some time before settling in so there aren't any middle of the night bathroom visits.

Many dessert teas are based on caffeine-free Rooibos and Honeybush tea. They are a great way to get a sweet taste without a single calorie!

"Someone gave me Scottish Caramel Pu-erh as a gift. I would sip it all afternoon instead of a big lunch and after a short time I was losing lots of weight while totally enjoying the yummiest tea ever." -Diane S.

Weight loss tea recommendations


Lemon Ginger is a white tea blend full of anti-oxidants, modest amounts of caffeine along with lemon and ginger to help with digestion. It's a great tea both hot or iced.


White Tea, Lemon Peel, Lemongrass, Lemon Myrtle, Ginger Root


This probably the best tea we've tried that blends coffee and tea within one beverage. Pu-erh and coffee blend seamlessly. Think of that rich coffee flavor but without the acidity.


Black tea, Pu-erh Tea, Cocoa beans, Green coffee beans, Ground coffee, Chamomile petals, Natural flavors


Any good weight reduction program should include plenty of hydration with some herbal power to help with proper digestion. This blend tastes great and keeps the plumbing working smoothly. 


Apple pieces, Hibiscus, Senna leaves, Rosehip, Pomegranate pieces, Natural flavors (organic compliant)


Silky smooth - despite the name there is no added flavoring or anything else added. The natural creamy flavor is a result of a special cold room withering process. A special tea that pairs well with any weight loss plan. 


Oolong Tea


Loaded with herbs and spices with a sweet finish, this is a great to reduce cravings during the day.


Cinnamon Pieces, Cardamom, Licorice Roots, Coriander, Fennel, Ginger Roots, Rose Leaves, Licorice


A combination of green tea and guayusa, this fruit forward blend gives you the added kick of caffeine close to a cup of coffee.


Guayusa, Raspberries, Apple Bits, Jasmine Green Tea, Hibiscus, Rosehips, Natural Flavors.


An example of a dessert tea - brew this one and you'll see people come in and ask ‘where is the cake?’. Amazing aroma and flavor!


Rooibos, Honeybush, Green rooibos, Raisins, Carrot, Cinnamon, White chocolate, Candied ginger, Safflower


Makes a great, hydrating iced beverage. With so much flavor, it's hard to believe it's calorie free!


Pineapple Cubes (pineapple, sugar), Hibiscus Blossoms, Apple Pieces, Rose Hip Peel, Guava Flakes, Pineapple Flakes, Flavoring, Freeze-dried Guava Crisps (guava puree, concentrated apple puree, concentrated apple juice), Freeze-dried Strawberry Pieces, Freeze-dried Strawberry Slices

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