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Greek Mountain Tea

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Greek Mountain tea grows wild in the Mediterranean region and is prized for unique benefits. This is the tea that is mentioned on the Netflix Documentary "Live to 100" by Dan Buettner. It's grown at high elevation with no flavoring or additives. It's the pure herb in its natural form.

Greek Mountain tea has a light scent and flavor, with a naturally sweet finish and top notes of lemon. Great hot or iced.

Learn about the benefits of Greek Moutain tea by reading our blog article.

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Brewing Guide


8 oz


212° F

Serving Size

1 tsp


10 min

Customer Reviews

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Just Like Greece

The first thing I did when I came home from vacation last summer was look for a place where I could get Greek Mountain Tea within the US (i.e. without insane shipping costs). I was nervous that the quality wouldn't be as good as what I'd brought home with me, but it's great! Thank you, Whistling Kettle for existing so I can continue to enjoy this tea.

This one is a winner!

My husband and I mostly drink black teas, but we tried a sample of this and fell in love. It’s my husband’s new favorite and I’ve already purchase several bags. It is light and clean tasting, mild but with enough flavor to be satisfying. Reminds me of an herbal tea I drank while in Iceland, but better!

Lori Maples
The Greek Mounyain Tea is very good. Thank you.

I would recommend to my family and friends.

The Perfect "All-Day" Tea

The description provided for this tea is spot on. It's the perfect tea for me at my office because I can leave the same tea bag in my mug all day with it never tasting bitter if I'm not able finish it before I leave for the day. It has a pleasant mild taste so it can be enjoyed at anytime of the day and goes with anything you might be eating.


Just started drinking Greek Mountain Tea. I really enjoy the refreshing flavor. One of the health & wellness of this tea is supposed to help lower blood pressure which I hope that it may help. Even if it doesn’t I am still enjoyingthe flavors. Excited to try other teas & buying some family Christmas presents. ENJOY!!