Learn How to Brew Iced Tea!

Iced tea is a tasty way to stay hydrated and energized during the summer. It provides everything that water does, PLUS additional health benefits. It's a WIN-WIN! If your goal is to drink iced tea at home or at work, there are plenty of reasons to brew iced tea yourself.

  • Saves money - Brewing your own tea is much less expensive than buying bottled products.
  • Health benefits - Many bottled products are loaded with sugar. Fresh brewed tea has zero sugar and contains more of the healthy components such as antioxidants and polyphenols.
  • Variety - Nearly all tea varieties can be used to make delicious iced tea - giving you hundreds of options!
  • Flavor - No bottled drink can compete with the bright and complex taste of fresh brewed iced tea.

Brew Iced Tea - The Basics

The basic process is pretty easy - whatever volume of iced tea you want to make, use double the normal amount of tea leaves. Fill halfway with boiling water to create a concentrate. Then pour over ice and enjoy! Remember to follow the directions for your particular tea - black teas usually require boiling water, while green teas are best with water just before the boiling point. Follow all the steeping times listed on the package. If you are used to tea bags, you'll find brewing large quantities will require a lot of tea bags. That is why loose leaf tea is the preferred option for brewing iced tea.

Always brew iced tea with loose leaf tea

Here are some methods:

  1. Try our Loose Leaf Paper Tea Bags that can be filled with loose leaf tea and hold much more than regular tea bags. Fill them about half way and steep and enjoy as before.
  2. Brew in a pot and use a strainer to filter out the tea leaves. Simple and effective, but some sieves may not be able to filter out all the particles.
  3. If you have a tea pot with a strainer basket, just use the normal amount of tea but use around half the water. Once it is steeped, add ice to fill. This is good if you want to make a small serving of iced tea.
  4. Use a dedicated iced tea brewer. Simply put some scoops of tea in, fill about half way and then top off with ice or cold water.

What about cold brewing?

Cold brewing is way to make exceptionally smooth brews. Simply use the same amount of tea and fill completely with cold water. Let the tea to sit for a few hours, the longer the better. Try letting the tea brew overnight - it'll be ready for breakfast in the morning! If your willing to wait, cold brewing won't let you down.

Tea recommendations for brewing iced tea

Of course, there are some teas we recommend that make exceptional iced tea. Here are our top picks:

  1. Kettle Iced Tea Blend - for those looking for pure, unadulterated black iced tea.
  2. Golden Starfruit - A very popular green tea loaded with sweet tropical flavors.
  3. Vineyard Peach Strawberry - A black tea with real pieces of ripe strawberries.
  4. Casablanca - Pure fruit tea with no caffeine. A splash or lemonade and a pinch of sugar brings out the flavor.
  5. Greek Mountain Tea - loaded with benefits and naturally sweet and surprisingly tasty iced!