Loose Leaf Paper Tea Bags

From individual cups to pots, these unbleached, flavor-neutral paper personal tea bags are designed for loose leaf tea. This one size fits all design lets you make individual cups all the way up to 30 ounces. Simply put in the tea, pull the string closed and add water. 

1 package of personal tea bags contains 100 filters with 10 different themes.

Dimensions: 5.4" Tall x 3.4" Wide


Personal Tea Bags for loose tea

Sometimes it's just very convenient to have a tea bag when you don't have access to all the proper brewing utensils. These personal tea bags are specifically designed for loose tea. They offer the convenience of your normal store bought tea bags, but with the added size and capacity able to handle the larger leaves that are commonly associated with loose tea.

All the convenience plus additional benefits

Cost wise, loose tea nearly always is better than bagged tea. Because you are doing the work of scooping the tea into the bag, which is about 1 second, you get much more tea per dollar spent versus individual tea bags.

Most store bought tea bags contain minuscule amounts of tea. The individual packaging adds further to the cost. Loose tea, being made up mostly of whole leaves contains more essential oils and more flavor then their 'fanning' grade bag counterparts. 

The other issue with normal tea bags is that the tea types are much more limited. There are so many more choices and flavors - why limit yourself to a handful of store brands?

By using these loose leaf personal tea bags you get the best of both worlds!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
So easy to use!

The flexibility of the bags together with their wide mouths make them so easy to use.

Great gift!

I purchased a box for my tea loving children. Although they love using our varied infusers, these tea bags are large enough to prepare a personal blend of loose teas. It doesn’t hurt that the paper tags are very clever!

Best purchase ever!

The bags are easy to use. Perfect size. And now I can enjoy my loose leaf tea anywhere!