What teas are the best iced?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of teas available. Many of them can be iced, but some make better iced teas than others.

So out of all these teas, which ones are recommended? We've done the homework for you with over 15 years of experience serving iced teas in our popular tea cafes.

See our top picks below, or view our complete list of iced teas.

Which black teas are best iced?

Black teas are an excellent choice for making iced tea. Known for their robust flavors and rich aromas, black teas create a bold and refreshing beverage when served chilled. Its deep and full-bodied taste provides a perfect canvas for adding sweeteners, citrus slices, or herbs to enhance the overall flavor profile. 

Kettle Iced Tea Blend

Over the years at our restaurants, we developed a formula for black iced tea that has been our tried-and-true formula. It offers a crisp astringency from Ceylon with deep malty notes from Kenya. This formula is now available for purchase in-store and on-line.

Vineyard Peach Strawberry

Think of the sweet taste of fresh strawberries in summer and ripe peaches off the tree. These are the types of memories that Vineyard Peach Strawberry tea elicits. Real fruit juice concentrate adds authentic flavor to this black tea, along with delicious strawberries and tangerine. Try it iced on a sunny day and each sip will make you smile.

Which green teas are best iced?

Iced green tea is also very good if you are looking to increase your antioxidant intake. Any green tea will work, and flavored fruity teas such the ones below are consistently popular.

Gojiberry Blueberry Pomegranate

Goji Berries are bright red fruits that taste like a cross between a raspberry and cranberry. Combined with sweet blueberries and fresh green tea, this blend is full of antioxidants. Goji Berry Blueberry Pomegranate tea is refreshingly fruity hot or iced, and an excellent choice for your health. 

Golden Starfruit

Meet the starfruit. Exotic and radiant, it lights up this fruity trifecta of starfruit, papaya, and mango. Golden Starfruit tea is the ultimate summer thirst quencher, especially iced. In cooler months, sip it hot to beat the winter blues with its playful, tropical flavors.

Which herbal teas are best iced?

Traditional herbal teas like the ones below make great iced teas, but nearly all of them can be iced while providing all the health benefits.


Perfect for any time of the day, this refreshing tea gives the sense of a breath of fresh air. It makes for a super-fast cool down on the hottest of day - great for combatting hot flashes!

Happy Tea

If you're looking to bring a ray of sunshine to your senses, you've come to the right place. Happy tea provides a caffeinated boost. With a great balance of fruit and green tea, it makes a refreshing iced tea during the warmer months.

Which fruit teas are best iced?

Fruit tisanes, also known as fruit teas, are primarily made up of dried fruit, berries, flowers and flavoring. They usually brew very deep and dark. Many of them have a slight tart hibiscus character to them. A little simple syrup or lemonade will balance any tartness and make these extra delicious. These teas do not contain any caffeine, so are good to serve with children. We recommend the entire category - so whether you choose the picks below or something else in the category, you'll be pleased with the results.


"Drink it again, Sam." One cup of Casablanca and you're sure to be back for more. This colorful fruit tea is an addictive combination of berries and tropical fruits. Sweet kiwi, tangy raspberry, tart hibiscus, and fresh strawberry mingle in this caffeine-free blend. A sprinkle of dainty rose petals, sunny safflower and blue cornflower makes Casablanca an alluringly beautiful tea.

Strawberry Guava

Bursting with flavor, Strawberry Guava tea works well both hot or iced. Fresh summer strawberries and tropical guava dance together in this naturally caffeine-free fruit tea. Sweet with a hint of tartness, this tea hardly needs added sugar. A cup of Strawberry Guava is sure to bring a ray of sunshine to your day. 

Making iced tea

Making iced tea is simple. We offer a handy iced tea maker (with a how to video) that has several iced tea recipes directly on the glass!

To make it even easier, we have a separate post all about teaching you all the different methods on how to make iced tea

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