Take your tea to the next level with our free tea-based recipes. Read on for delicious and unique tea-based mocktails, cocktails, lattes, desserts and more!

Carrot Cake White Russian

If dessert cocktails are your thing, you'll love this recipe. When you cold brew our Carrot Cake tea in vodka overnight - you get a Carrot Cake infused vodka that is simply a treat and is the perfect way to switch up a White Russian for Easter.

Chamomile Honey & Whiskey

The Gold Rush cocktail has a well-balanced profile, and the addition of our Chamomile Bilberry Bliss tea to the honey adds a delicate earthy taste that pairs perfectly with the lemon and whiskey.

Easily Make Scones at Home: Matcha Scone Recipe

After lots of experimenting to find the perfect tasty but easy scone recipe, we formulated a scone mix that is now a staple in our cafes and now can be used by you at home! Just add eggs, vegetable oil, milk and the ingredients of your choice (berries, nuts, chocolate chips, etc) to make scones your way. Or read on for an easy matcha white chocolate chip scone recipe!

Peaches & Cream Latte

This Peaches & Cream Latte is a super delicious way to celebrate National Peach Month. Peach Rooibos has a great, natural peach flavor, with actual peach pieces in the tea. The addition of fresh peach slices adds just the right amount of sweetness, topped off with oat milk to create a delicious peaches & cream flavor.

Arnold Palmer Drink Variations

Arnold Palmers are a mixture of iced tea and lemonade, and while most people use a black tea such our Kettle Iced Tea Blend, technically any tea can be used! That means that you can use any of our 120+ tea options to make this recipe. We've experimented with a few different teas to give you some out of this world Arnold Palmer drink variations!

Matcha Affogato

We substitute the espresso for matcha for a modern twist on the classic Italian dessert, making for a delicious matcha affogato afternoon pick-me-up!

Red, White and Blue Spritzer

Iced tea is an iconic drink to enjoy in the summer, but we make it even more festive by incorporating fresh strawberries, sliced apple, and blueberries to incorporate some red, white, and blue elements without the addition of any food dyes. It makes for a delicious fruit salad after you're done drinking, plus any leftover fruit makes a great snack for your guests to enjoy!

How to Make Instant Iced Tea Cubes

Nothing beats the summer heat like a tall glass of iced tea. When you pre-batch some instant iced tea cubes, enjoying a cup of iced tea simply doesn't get easier! Just pop your ice cubes into a drinking glass, pour over some cold water and enjoy!

Blueberry Matcha Latte

Summer is just around the corner - and an iced matcha latte is our go-to for a refreshing treat! You can get as creative as you want with this recipe - we chose to pair our Blueberry Matcha Powder with a fresh made blueberry puree for a delicious and refreshing treat. But with other Matcha Powder flavors such as peach, raspberry, strawberry and lemon, there are all sort of delicious matcha latte variations you can try this summer.

Sparkling Watermelon Lychee Refresher Recipe

Summer is just around the corner - so we've created the perfect refreshing recipe. Watermelon is often considered a quintessential summer food for most summer picnics, barbecues and outdoor gatherings. It can be enjoyed in various forms including sliced or cubed pieces, smoothies, salads, popsicles, and even watermelon-based beverages.

Mimosa Mocktail

May to July is full of big celebrations - so whether it be for Mother's Day, Graduation season, Father's Day, the 4th of July or even for National Mimosa Day - this mimosa mocktail is the perfect drink to make sure everyone can say cheers!