Matcha affogato in a clear glass cup

Matcha Affogato

We substitute the espresso for matcha for a modern twist on the classic Italian dessert, making for a delicious matcha affogato afternoon pick-me-up!

What is an affogato?

An affogato is an Italian dessert made with two main ingredients: vanilla ice cream or gelato and espresso. To prepare it, you simply pour a shot of espresso directly over top of a scoop of ice cream or gelato, served in a small cup or glass with a spoon.

We substitute the espresso for matcha for a modern twist on the classic, making for a delicious matcha affogato afternoon pick-me-up!

A caffeinated dessert pick-me-up

This matcha affogato is a delicious dessert, with an added boost of energy! Just the single teaspoon of matcha used in this recipe contains around 70 mg of caffeine. The perfect amount of caffeine to wake you up without overdoing it!

The same way coffee is often paired with desserts, matcha can too be paired with a variety of flavors. The slightly bitter, grassy taste of matcha balances out the sweetness of desserts, making the flavors more complex and enjoyable. According to Reader's Digest, “caffeine works by blocking nerve cell membrane receptors”. This not only helps combat tiredness, but also helps to suppress your appetite, making it easier to enjoy a small dessert without feeling overly full.

A variety of flavored matcha options

For this recipe, we found that our Ceremonial Grade Organic Matcha powder went great with the flavor of a vanilla gelato.

However, with flavored matcha options like coconut, vanilla, chocolate, peach and more, there's endless flavor combinations you can try! Feel free to experiment with mixing and matching different matcha flavors and different ice cream/gelato flavors!

Culinary Grade Matcha

When it comes to Culinary matcha, the sky is the limit! Our organic culinary grade matcha is designed to be added to lattes, smoothies, baked goods, and other recipes. It has a more pronounced bitter taste than ceremonial grade matcha, making it a great additive for a drink or recipe so that the matcha taste won't get overwhelmed by the other flavors.

Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Ceremonial grade matcha is designed to be used in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. It's the highest quality grade of matcha and is typically consumed on its own rather than being added to lattes or desserts. Ceremonial grade matcha is usually made from the first harvest tea leaves, which have the highest amount of chlorophyll and L-theanine. These compounds naturally sweeten the matcha and give it a less bitter taste. Ceremonial matcha is a great choice for everyday drinking!

Matcha Affogato


  • 1 tsp Matcha
  • 2 tbsp Hot Water
  • 1 Large Scoop of Ice Cream or Gelato


Matcha affogato in a clear glass cup



Sift matcha into your tea bowl.


Pour in the hot water (170° F) and whisk the matcha with a bamboo whisk until mixed and foamy.


Scoop ice cream/gelato of your choice into a separate bowl.


Pour matcha onto the ice cream/gelato and enjoy!

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