Matcha Chocolate - 3.5 oz

We use an organic matcha as the base and then add natural flavors to infuse the matcha with the delicious taste of chocolate. Like all flavored matcha, a little sugar or other sweetener is recommended to bring out the flavors. The beauty is you don't need 16 grams or more normally found in chocolate milk! Whisk or froth so you get a nice creamy foam milk head and enjoy!

Customer Reviews

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Love it!

I have bought several different matcha teas over the last couple of years (Teavana and other ones online) and have enjoyed them all. BUT the slightly chocolate version here brings something new to the table. This will be a new staple in my cabinets.


I am new to matcha and I discovered that I am in LOVE with this flavor! I whisked the matcha with cold almond milk and a little Truvia. It made a a deliciously frothy drink that I felt like was a naughty treat. The chocolate touch was just right. It was so good chilled like that and I am definitely having more of it tonight! It mixed so easily and blended so well with no clumps.


I love matcha, as long as its good matcha. This is GOOD Matcha! This matcha has just a hint of chocolate flavor added to it, which makes it truly divine.