3.5 oz Matcha Ceremonial bag
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Ceremonial Grade Organic Matcha

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This AAAA grade ceremonial matcha uses only select handpicked leaves from premium shaded green tea. The stems and veins are removed and then carefully stone ground.

The harvesting time is typically in May. Roughly six weeks before harvest, the leaves are covered in dark vinyl sheets. The idea is to slowly and gradually decrease the amount of sunlight, and hence photosynthesis, by covering up more and more of the light allowed to shine on the plants. 

As a result of this decreased light, the tea leaves produce increasing amounts of both chlorophyll and amino acids; The increased amino acid content serves to concentrate specific molecules, most of which are glutamates, which give the match its intense umami flavor profile. Great matcha is sweet and mouth-watery, with no traces of bitterness, because of this high amino acid content.

Only the smallest, youngest/greenest parts of the plant—the two leaves at the tip of each new shoot—are picked. They are then steamed to preserve the color and nutrients, and to stop the enzymatic action within the leaves, then thoroughly dried in large cages equipped with heated blowers, then slowly ground to produce the final product.



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Ingredients: Green Tea
Origin: China
Caffeine Content: Medium

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Brewing Guide

For the best tasting cup we recommend the following:


8 oz


180° F

Serving Size

1/2 tsp



These go great with Ceremonial Grade Organic Matcha!

Customer Reviews

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Dustin S.
Good stuff

I've tried many different kinds of Matcha from different places and I think this Matcha is probably some of the best you're going to get for this price, even with the shipping costs involved. I definitely recommend giving it a shot.

Delicious Matcha!

I'm extremely happy with my purchase. I drink this every morning using coconut milk and a touch of maple syrup. I'm delighted that the product is also organic. Thank you


Perfect matcha latte. Shipping was super fast too

fresh and delicious

This tea is of high quality for a great price! I use it to make my iced matcha oatmilk latte every morning. It has a lovely flavor without being overpowering.


I like this matcha. Its got a good flavor that is different than lesser matcha choices. I guess this is the kind the actually use during tea ceremonies, too. That probably contributes to the flavor a bit.