Green Tea Sampler

Flavored and Pure Green Tea

Sample 6 delicious green teas! From fruity, to floral, to minty this green tea sampler will satisfy a broad range of appetites. 

Green tea samples included: 

  1. Dragonwell: Premium Organic Dragonwell from the Zhejiang Province, in China's West Lake District. Roasted and Vegetal, a superb example of this variety. 
  2. Gyokuro: Japan's finest Green Tea, made from single buds that are picked only in late April and early May. The tea is covered in bamboo, giving it a deep shade of emerald and a sweet, grassy flavor.
  3. Strawberry Green: A fresh and smooth flavor with strawberry goodness.
  4. Sencha Supreme Shizouka: Green Tea from the Shizouka region of Japan. Made only from the dark green leaves gathered in the treasured first flush, with pronounced grassy notes and a sweet-unami-vegetal finish
  5. Shaolin's Grove: Flavors of exotic fruit, fresh citrus , and a hint of delicate, flowery jasmine on a base of premium white and green teas
  6. Moroccan Mint: A cool refreshing green tea with peppermint. Great after a meal.

How much tea does one sampler make?

From one tea sampler you can enjoy, in total, 6-12 pots of tea or 18-36 individual cups of tea!

Customer Reviews

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Will be doing this again !

Thank you !
I ordered my husband your sample pack of green teas for something new .Every tea is an amazing cup . Shipping was quick and painless . Knowing I can get a AMAZING cup of tea at the click of a button is a blessing.