Perfect for Spring!

Girl outside with pink hair, smiling with Raspberry Lavender lemonade in her hand

Spring is here, and so is warmer weather. Our Raspberry Lavender Lemonade is the perfect beverage for a hot day. If you've been to one of our 3 cafes in the Capital Region of New York, you might have seen this drink or even tried it yourself. This drink is as tasty as it is beautiful, with a gradient effect from the layering of Raspberry Lavender tea on top of the lemonade.

Raspberry Lavender is a popular flavor combination year-round, but it's particularly well-suited for spring and summer. The bright, fruity taste of raspberries pair perfectly with the floral notes of lavender, resulting in a refreshing and unique flavor profile perfect for warmer weather.

The Benefits of Raspberry Lavender

Raspberry leaf tea has immune boosting properties and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to balance and focus, which makes it a great tea for reducing anxiety and/or stress.

Our Raspberry Lavender herbal tea combines hibiscus with lavender flowers to soothe headache pain - making it a good tea if you have a high blood pressure headache. According to recent research, hibiscus may help lower blood pressure levels. One notable study published in the Journal of Nutrition in 2010 found that consuming hibiscus tea lowered both systolic and diastolic blood pressure in participants with pre-hypertension or mild hypertension.


Pour a cup of this soothing elixir in the evening and reap the benefits! Lavender flowers make this tea incredibly aromatic and raspberry leaves and hibiscus add a tart finish. Our Raspberry Lavender tea makes a lovely infusion hot or iced and is naturally caffeine-free.


Raspberry Leaves, Lavender, Lemon Peels, Hibiscus & Raspberry Flavor

Piles of loose-leaf Raspberry Lavender tea, next to a cup of brewed Raspberry Lavender tea

Great For The Whole Family

Because this recipe is caffeine-free and alcohol-free, it makes it a great option for all ages - even children! This raspberry lavender lemonade is a refreshing and flavorful drink that's perfect for any occasion, whether it's a family gathering, a picnic, or just a hot day in the backyard. Of course, if you want to spike this drink, feel free to add a shot of vodka, gin, bourbon or whatever your favorite liquor is.

If your kids enjoy fruity and refreshing drinks, give raspberry lavender lemonade a try. It's a fun and delicious way to introduce them to new flavors and a great way to cool off on a hot spring or summer day.

Outdoors a layered Raspberry Lavender lemonade in a tall glass next to a strawberry scone

Picture Worthy!

This drink looks so good - you'll impress all of your friends and family! If you're looking for a beautiful and refreshing drink to add to your Instagram or social media feed, try this easy layered drink! The drink is not only visually appealing, but it's also delicious and perfect for a hot day. The sweetness of lemonade balances perfectly with the floral and slightly tart Raspberry Lavender tea, creating a delicious and refreshing drink. 

A visually stunning drink can be a great conversation starter and add a touch of elegance to any occasion, whether it's a dinner party, afternoon tea, or just a casual gathering with friends. Next time you have company, consider impressing them with a pretty drink that not only tastes delicious but looks beautiful too. It's a simple way to elevate any occasion and make a lasting impression on your guests!

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Raspberry Lavender Lemonade Recipe

  • Servings: 1-2
  • Yield:¬†1-2 servings

What You'll Need

Outdoors a layered Raspberry Lavender lemonade in a tall glass



Add 3-4 tbsp of Raspberry Lavender loose-leaf tea into your infuser/tea bag.


Heat up 24 oz of filtered water to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Pour over tea infuser/tea bag.


Let steep for 15 minutes, then remove infuser/tea bag.


Let sit for 30 minutes until the tea reaches room temperature - you may add ice cubes to speed up this process. Then put into the refrigerator until ready to use.

Layered Raspberry Lavender lemonade in a tall glass



Steep your Raspberry Lavender loose-leaf tea (see Steeping Instructions above)


Fill a tall glass to the top with ice cubes.


Pour in your lemonade until your glass is half full, leaving about 3 inches from the top.


Top with cooled Raspberry Lavender tea concentrate - SLOWLY pour so the drink shows 2 layers!



Outdoors a layered Raspberry Lavender lemonade in a tall glass

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