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Customer Favorite Tea Sampler

Discover the teas that have become customer favorites! Packed full of flavor, this tea sampler is perfect as an introduction to the tea drinking world. Get it as a treat for yourself or a gift! This loose tea sampler includes:
    1. Snowflake: An addictive combination of almonds, coconut, and cinnamon make this premium black tea an instant classic.
    2. Blood Orange: Makes a tangy, vibrant red brew with hints of tropical hibiscus
    3. Goji Berry Blueberry Pomegranate: Fresh green tea combined with sweet goji berries and blueberries. 
    4. Happy: Sweet raspberries perfectly balanced with bright and tangy hibiscus flowers.
    5. Sparkling Raspberry Wine: A sophisticated selection of white tea, red raspberries, and natural champagne flavors.
    6. Lemon Souffle: Balances just the right amount of zesty lemon and creamy sweetness.

**Note: Tea selection subject to availability. Substitutions may be made.**

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Deb Stange

Great way to taste test & learn what you like. Also, good for traveling.

A great gift

I bought this for a friend. She's never had Whistling Kettle tea before and she loves it!!

Alison Howell

So glad I went with the Sampler. This is my first time using loose teas and I am loving them. The packaging is great for those interested in getting a little more educated on the variety of teas you are drinking. So far my favorite is the Snowflake but looking forward to trying the rest.

I loved them all!

I selected the Customer Favorite sampler because I didn't want to spend time choosing and I love trying new teas. I've spent the week trying new flavors and so far all of them are winners!

Janie Kittle
Sampler set of teas

I am so excited about these teas that I'm trying. So far I've tried Happy Tea, Peach Rooibos, Raspberry-cherry-compote, and Sparkling raspberry wine. All I've prepared as iced tea. All of them have been very good and refreshing. I like my tea sweet and these have a little bit of a sweet taste to them but have been adding additional sweetener but not as much as I do to my Lipton tea. Just placed an order for the Iced Tea Pot and the Greek Mountain Tea. Was heating my water in the microwave, then read your blog about not to use micro water. So I bought an electric tea pot to heat my water. It did make a difference in the taste of the tea. Who would think that there is a difference between microwaved water and tea pot heated water!

These teas are soooo much better than Lipton!! I'm trying to break my Dr. Pepper habit (not healthy) and drink more tea (very healthy). I'll definitely be buying more teas. Would like suggestion on teas that are sweet, thirst quenching, and not too strong.

I would suggest that you add a tea pot for heating water to you accessories to go along with you Iced Tea Pot.