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Rock Sugar is the superior choice for the serious tea drinker because when called for, rock sugar is the most neutral of all sugars when it comes to flavor impact.

Rock Sugar is made by a process of crystallization, the same process that produces quartz and diamonds in nature (with a different ingredient, of course). It is made by busting apart the sugar (sucrose) molecular crystal lattice and then allowing it to re-form in conditions that produce larger, purer crystals. A hot, saturated solution of cane sugar and water is poured into large tanks. Careful supervision of the cooling process produces the larger crystals which are then harvested as rock sugar.

In fact, it is the purest form of sugar available because all impurities are excluded as the large crystals form. The crystal growth is based on the particular characteristics of sugar (sucrose) chemistry and cannot be done with various "sugar free" substitutes seen in the market.

Nutritional information: Serving Size 0.5 oz. (14g). Calories 50, total fat 0g, DV 0%, sodium 0mg, DV 0%, total carbohydrate 14g, DV 5%, sugars 14g, protein 0g
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Customer Reviews

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Michael B
great value

how cool is this sugar. i love having it available for guests

Arelan Lavoie
Next level sugar

How is this any different from standard table sugar, you may ask? Well, it has a gentler, almost honey-like flavor, and I've never had it over-sweeten my tea. I'm sure it could if you really dumped a lot in, but I've had that happen with regular sugar far more easily. I even occasionally nibble on a larger crystal like a piece of candy.

Chantel Kendrick
100% A Staple in this tea lover's house <3

Any tea aficionado knows that if you choose to sweeten your tea, crystal rock sugar is the way to go. The Whistling Kettle crystal rock sugar is always great and a great price and is the only thing I use in my tea. (and sometimes my coffee....shhhhhh don't tell lol)

James k
The best

We love this! It doesn’t take slot to sweeten your tea and adds a great richness

Erika Badore
The best for tea

Melts fast and is delicious- they were a bit crumbled when they arrived but probably not abnormal. I will definitely order again. Warning- you will want to eat them by themselves! So yummy