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Cotton Candy

Fruit Tisane

This tea is so fun! This blend of fruit and, yes, marshmallows come together to give you a cotton candy treat. Pineapple, apple, dragonfruit, and raspberries are just the trick to bring you back to the fair. It’s not too sweet or overpowering, making this a tempting tisane for all. The raspberry aroma is so inviting, don’t miss out on this seasonal. Try iced with simple syrup.


About This Tea


Pineapple Cubes, Apple Pieces, Lilac Dragonfruit Cubes, Marshmallows (Contains Gelatin), Freeze-Dried Raspberry Pieces, Natural Flavors


Fruit forward with a lingering sweet finish.


Bright pink

Caffeine Level

Naturally Caffeine Free

Brewing Guide








5-7 min

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jennifer VanCleve
Best taste of childhood I'll ever try.

This tea is like a walk into my childhood. It is light and naturally sweet, but not oversweet. After trying my $3 sample, I quickly bought a 4oz bag. That is now gone and I am buying some more. I am not a sweet tea drinker, my tea of choice is Whistling Kettles Scottish Breakfast (Excellent tea), but this is my new night time treat. It is wonderful as I relax and end my day. Please try, you won't regret it!

Hands down my favorite summer tea so far

I absolutely LOVE this tea. I bought a bag literally because it said Cotton Candy. And I will be honest, I expected it to be horrible.

It's not. It tastes like cotton candy fresh from the cotton candy machine, not the kind that has been sitting around on a store shelf for a year.

All of the dried fruit pieces, which are naturally sweet on their own come together to create the perfect amount of sweetness without the need of added sugar.
The dragon fruit and raspberries also give the tea this beautiful pink color that I'm slightly obsessed with. It matches all of my computer and streaming equipment, so I'm probably slightly biased on that.

It's the perfect tea to drink, especially if you're like me and your sugar cravings kick into overdrive at night.

I also don't brew my water to a boiling point, usually about 10 degrees under so I let the tea steep a couple of minutes more and it comes out perfect.

Kerrie Bross
Tasty – but not strong enough flavor

This was very different and had a nice flavor, but I find the Tisane's do not have a strong enough flavor for my taste. It is naturally sweet enough to not need sugar, so that is very good.

Erika R
Absolutely delicious!

LOVE this fruit tisane! Tastes exactly like cotton candy. Delicious hot or iced. No sweeteners needed. Definitely stocking up on this seasonal blend!

Kat W.
Cotton Candy

This is a little sweeter than blends I typically drink, but it’s perfectly pink & sweet & fluffy, just like the real thing! Your sweet tooth will love it!