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Breakfast Tea Sampler

Give your day the kick start it needs with this variety of Breakfast teas. This Breakfast Tea Sampler package includes: 
    1. English Breakfast: A perfect breakfast tea with good body and full tea flavour notes.
    2. German Breakfast: Blend of Tippy Assams, Java and Sumatra tea. A full bodied, well rounded premium breakfast tea.
    3. Scottish Breakfast: A special blend of tea from India, Kenya and China. A robust, malty cup with hints of cask oak.
    4. Irish Breakfast: A very rich, round texture with a kick to see you through the day.
    5. Ancient Forest: A specialty of the southwest province of Yunnan, this unique tea is harvested from ancient trees on the protected land of Jingmai Mangjing’s Blue Mountains. 100% organic, hand picked and sorted, this black tea brews a rich, earthy infusion with notes of cedar and honey. 
    6. Mokalbari East Assam: Rich, malty Assam from of the regions top plantations. A classic 2nd flush Indian Assam with wiry colorful leaf, strong spicy flavor and rich malty character. 

How much tea does a sampler make?

Each sampler bundle makes 1-2 tea medium pots of tea or 3-6 individual tea cups worth of tea. Each sampler bundle has 6 samples. So, altogether in a tea sampler, you are getting 6-12 pots of tea, or 18-36 tea cups of tea!


Customer Reviews

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Great option for auditioning some morning brews

We can’t get our long standing favorite anymore, so we’re on the hunt for a new breakfast standby. Super happy to get a chance to try such interesting & varied choices & get everybody’s opinion before we get a canister full.

Great tea

My brother and I come here every year on vacation to the area. Being able to give him these for Christmas was a highlight of the holiday! He uses them with the ice tea maker and assures me they taste just as good as they do in store.

Loved it

I'm a fan of breakfast teas and really enjoyed trying these out. The German one was probably my favorite but I honestly liked them all.

Perfect Treat for times like these

During the stay at home order, this has been something comforting to look forward to in the morning. I love breakfast tea and wanted to try new types, so this was the perfect sampler. It also makes for a nice gift. Again - these are hard times and something as simple as a tea sampler can really make for a nice morning.

Wonderful Sampler!

I love the selections of tea! I ordered the breakfast sample size packets and they are perfect size to have lots of options & they’re lose tea!! My favorites are the Golden Monkey and the Mokalbari East Assam. Yummy!