Breakfast Tea Sampler

Give your day the kick start it needs with this variety of Breakfast teas. This Breakfast Tea Sampler package includes: 
    1. English Breakfast: A perfect breakfast tea with good body and full tea flavour notes.
    2. East Frisian Blend: Blend of Tippy Assams, Java and Sumatra tea. A full bodied, well rounded premium breakfast tea.
    3. Scottish Breakfast: A special blend of tea from India, Kenya and China. A robust, malty cup with hints of cask oak.
    4. Irish Breakfast: A very rich, round texture with a kick to see you through the day.
    5. Ancient Forest: A wonderful, top tier tea from Yunnan.
    6. Mokalbari East Assam: Rich, malty assam from of the regions top plantations

How much tea does a sampler make?

Each sample package makes 1-2 tea medium pots of tea or 3-6 individual tea cups worth of tea. Each sample cube has 6 samples. So altogether in a tea sampler, you are getting 6-12 pots of tea, or 18-36 tea cups of tea!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I was very excited to receive this sampler! All of the teas came in their own labeled and resealable baggy with quite generous portioning. All of the bags were put inside a beautiful and convenient box as well. We have already tried the first of the teas and it is a wonder bold tea that is perfect for mornings. So excited to try the rest.


Love this tea! Nice and strong and not a bad one in the entire cube.

Great stuff

really tasty