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Black Tea Sampler

Enjoy an array of black teas with our Black Tea Sampler! This 6 tea sampler is perfect as a tea treat for yourself or as a gift. This sampler contains:
    1. Vanilla Cream: Real vanilla essence and chunks of vanilla bean are added to this black tea blend to give you a velvety creamy and dare we say...luxurious cup. A spot of milk will do this tea good to make it extra smooth, or drink is straight if you go that way. Either way, it's all good! 
    2. Mokalabari East Assam: A classic 2nd flush Indian Assam with wiry colorful leaf, strong spicy flavor and rich malty character.
    3. Ancient Forest: A specialty of China's Yunnan Province, this tea is harvested from ancient trees on protected lands. A rich, earthy infusion with notes of cedar and honey.
    4. Snowflake: One of our most popular teas! This smooth black tea has almond, coconut and cinnamon flavors.
    5. Mango Passionfruit: Sweet Mango pieces with natural flavoring, makes for a stunning iced tea.
    6. Golden Monkey: A sweet cocoa fragrance emerges from the bag and the leaves exhibit a color spectrum of dark brown to auburn.  The liquor has the soft, rich sweetness of a bittersweet cocoa and imparts a savory lingering aftertaste. A very likable, self-standing tea with plenty of golden tips and wiry leaves sought after by tea aficionados. EU certified.

How much tea does a sample make?

Each sample makes 1-2 tea medium  pots of tea. That translates to 3-6 tea cups worth of tea. Each sample bundle has 6 samples. So, altogether in a tea sampler, you are getting 6-12 pots of tea, or 18-36 tea cups of tea!

**Note: Tea selection subject to availability. Substitutions may be made.**


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Timothy Regan
Totally tasty Teas!

Talk about adding some flavor to your black teas. I don't think that I could ever choose a favorite but the snowflake is an awesome mix of almond and coconut and the mango passion fruit was amazing as well. Vanilla cream was totally a new taste for me. I love them all and great packaging as well So happy With the Tea I'm hooked on the Whistling kettle!

Craig Herrick
Wonderful new teas!

All of the teas in the Black Tea Sampler were delicious and blended to provide very different taste experiences. In addition to this sampler I also ordered several other teas in the sample size to try and I was impressed with the wide variety available and I will definitely be reordering some of my favorites. Finding Whistling Kettle has been a fun and enjoyable part of this autumn!

Two to Re-Order, Three Okay, One Disappointment

I tried all of these teas as hot tea (not iced), with added sugar and skim milk.
Coconut: Even for someone who is not a big fan of coconut, this tea is delightfully tropical with a pleasant coconut flavor that is not overwhelming.
Mango Amazon: Fairly fruity but the tea didn’t come through so this one is not going on my re-order list.
Vanilla Cream: This luscious vanilla tea had a marvelous velvety feel on the tongue, and the black tea shone through nicely. Definitely one for the “re-order me” list.
Vineyard Peach Strawberry: Disappointingly confused about which fruit it should taste like, this tea ended up just being “not tea” and even the base black tea was lost.
Apple Caramel Almond: The apple and nuts matched up nicely with the caramel tones, and the tea flavor was there in a supporting role to round it all out. Another to be re-ordered.
Emperor’s 7 Treasures: The peach notes were definitely here, and matched nicely with the black tea flavor, but the rose and flower petals didn’t seem to come through.