Black Tea Sampler

Enjoy an array of black teas with our Black Tea Sampler! This 6 tea sampler is perfect as a tea treat for yourself or as a gift. This sampler contains:
    1. Keemun Panda #1: A deep, complex flavor and aroma, one of China's finest exports.
    2. Mokalabari East Assam: A classic 2nd flush Indian Assam with wiry colorful leaf, strong spicy flavor and rich malty character.
    3. Ancient Forest: A specialty of China's Yunnan Province, this tea is harvested from ancient trees on protected lands. A rich, earthy infusion with notes of cedar and honey.
    4. Snowflake: One of our most popular teas! This smooth black tea has almond, coconut and cinnamon flavors.
    5. Mango Amazon: Sweet Mango pieces with natural flavoring, makes for a stunning iced tea.
    6. Angel's Dream: Heavenly maple sweetness, blackberry pungency witch, ceylon, assam and a mystery green tea.

How much tea does a sample make?

Each sample makes 1-2 tea medium  pots of tea. That translates to 3-6 tea cups worth of tea. Each sample cube has 6 samples. So altogether in a tea sampler, you are getting 6-12 pots of tea, or 18-36 tea cups of tea!


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Wonderful new teas!

All of the teas in the Black Tea Sampler were delicious and blended to provide very different taste experiences. In addition to this sampler I also ordered several other teas in the sample size to try and I was impressed with the wide variety available and I will definitely be reordering some of my favorites. Finding Whistling Kettle has been a fun and enjoyable part of this autumn!

Two to Re-Order, Three Okay, One Disappointment

I tried all of these teas as hot tea (not iced), with added sugar and skim milk.
Coconut: Even for someone who is not a big fan of coconut, this tea is delightfully tropical with a pleasant coconut flavor that is not overwhelming.
Mango Amazon: Fairly fruity but the tea didn’t come through so this one is not going on my re-order list.
Vanilla Cream: This luscious vanilla tea had a marvelous velvety feel on the tongue, and the black tea shone through nicely. Definitely one for the “re-order me” list.
Vineyard Peach Strawberry: Disappointingly confused about which fruit it should taste like, this tea ended up just being “not tea” and even the base black tea was lost.
Apple Caramel Almond: The apple and nuts matched up nicely with the caramel tones, and the tea flavor was there in a supporting role to round it all out. Another to be re-ordered.
Emperor’s 7 Treasures: The peach notes were definitely here, and matched nicely with the black tea flavor, but the rose and flower petals didn’t seem to come through.