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Hot Chocolate - Choose from 4 flavors

We love tea, but we also take hot chocolate to the next level. Not your typical cheap packet brand loaded. Enjoy premium ingredients and unique flavors that make our hot chocolate stand out!


Mocha Ingredients: Unsweetened cocoa powder, sugar, chocolate chips, powdered milk, espresso coffee
Lavender Ingredients: White chocolate chips, vanilla pudding mix, powdered milk, lavender extract
Toffee Ingredients: Unsweetened cocoa powder, sugar, chocolate chips, toffee bits, powdered milk
Peppermint Ingredients: Unsweetened cocoa powder, sugar, chocolate chips, powdered milk, peppermint candy pieces

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Maria Figueroa
It's Ok

The Toffee Hot Chocolate smelled Amazing, wanted to love it, but expected a richer, creamier hot chocolate. I will try another flavor.

Lorena Miller
Just what the little kid in me ordered

Nothing like an awesome cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter day! Whistling Kettle never disappoints, and this hot chocolate is so good. I have tried 3 different flavors of the hot chocolate and my favorite is the Toffee! Love this stuff!

The taste is ... interesting?

First off, the hot chocolate is white, which is a bit surprising as I was expecting the typical cocoa color. It is also really really sweet; I could get a sugar high just from smelling it. The chocolate chips melt at a much slower rate than the time it takes for the milk powder and sugar to dissolve and unless the chocolate chips dissolve it'll just taste like really really sweet milk flavored hot water. The packaging is nice though, really like the metal tin it came in.

Michelle Farmer
Old school customer service mixed with a world of Tea

I ordered my Husband 2 of the sampler packs of green tea ! It is a great mixture of flavored greens teas and traditional Greens teas. If you want a sampler but not fond of that particular flavor let them know, you may be pleasantly surprised. We enjoyed the hot chocolate as well. Yummy

Marguerite Silver
Delish hot chocolate

Was so impressed with chocolate and came in a lovely tin. But most important was the scrumptious taste. Always enjoy having lunch with friends at Ballston Spa locale.