3.5 oz bag of organic naturally flavored peach matcha next to a canister of peach matcha sachets.
Cup & Saucers filled with matcha
The Whistling Kettle Tea On-The-Go (16 servings) Peach Matcha
The Whistling Kettle Tea 3.5 oz Peach Matcha
The Whistling Kettle Tea Sample Sachet - Peach Matcha

Peach Matcha

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Sweet peach flavor pairs perfectly with this matcha. We recommend using milk and a little sugar or sweetener to bring out the full fruit flavor. Makes a great latte!


Available in both 3.5 oz bags and On-The-Go 16 - 3 gram sachets! 





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Ingredients & More Info

Ingredients: Organic Green Tea Powder (Matcha), Natural Flavors
Origin: China (Zhejiang)
Caffeine Content: Medium

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Brewing Guide

For the best tasting cup we recommend the following:


16 oz


180° F

Serving Size

2 tsp / 1 sachet


Whisk until evenly dissolved.

These go great with Peach Matcha!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great Taste

The Strawberry-Peach tea is now my favorite, especially since it is hard, if not impossible to find Pearls of Fruit. I made it into iced tea and offered it to friends during a luncheon. Everyone loved it and was asking what kind it was. Interestingly, people who usually sweeten their tea said they didn't have to due to the great taste.

Kori K.
I love this matcha!

I quit drinking coffee about a year ago and supplemented with Vital Protiens peach matcha (I'm not a huge plain matcha fan). They discontinued it and I was searching everywhere for a substitution. When I found this peach matcha I thought I would give it a try. It is so much better than the VP version! I absolutely love it and it's the absolute best way to start my morning. I have a glass every morning hot or iced depending on the season!!! Perfect alone or mixed with a plain collagen powder, lemon and honey.

Elayna H.
Yummy and caffeinated

I had to build myself up to this tea. I used the recommended amount at first and my stomach wasn’t used to it, so now I usually use half and add it to another blend. Very delicious and pure. Good touch of peach


Light and fresh. Not too heavy on the peach.

Not top notch but still good.

I have been using Matcha from a direct sales company but their flavors are limited. I love peach and found this while searching online for a peach Matcha, the price was low enough or me to give it a shot. The peach flavor is amazing. The only complaint I have about this Matcha is that it is not as bright green as I am used to with the Matcha I usually drink. It makes me wonder if it's a lower quality. It's also a bit more bitter than I am used to but all in all still good. I also bought the cinnamon apple which was absolutely delightful in flavor.