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The Conflicted Brewer

Meet the newest addition to our WK line of special customized merchandise: The Conflicted Brewer – an iced tea and coffee brewer all in one!

You may wonder, "why is it called The Conflicted Brewer?" Well… we are glad you asked! This brewer is the perfect vessel for making iced tea and iced coffee! However for those of you who are partial to hot brew or cold brew methods, this brewer has recipes for both options! Test out all your options with our new Conflicted Brewer and let us know which one is your favorite!

Our brewer is made of sturdy borosilicate glass, designed to withstand extreme temperature changes. It includes a stainless steel infuser and our flawless recipes printed on the side will make any beginner brewer seem like a pro!


  • 46 ounce capacity
  • 10.5" height
  • 3" diameter (top)
  • 4 1/8" diameter (bottom)
  • Infuser height 8"
  • Handwashing recommended, but can be used in a dishwasher


Iced Tea Maker

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Conflicted brewer

I like that the directions for different teas and coffee are right on the carafe. Rubber grip makes it easy to handle.

Amy Kimball
Not conflicted about the conflicted tea brewer

I love this! My kids easily make their favorite - blood orange - using this. With the directions on the glass, no one has to search for directions or ask mom for help. It's so much easier than the Mr. Coffee iced tea maker. We've been making our favorites and blending a couple of teas to try different combinations. Personally, I find that we can "top off" the tea after we pour the first glass and get a bit more tea than 40 oz. We let it steep a bit longer after we do that and it's worked like a charm. Would recommend.

Claire Winans-Keech
Conflicted Brewer

This is my favorite brewer I like it because it can come out of the fridge be emptied then you can brew a new batch of tea without any worries if it is still too cold. When done brewing you simply remove the tea strainer and put in the refrigerator. I used to brew in a separate container then pour in a glass container to refrigerate. No longer necessary. Love it

No Conflicts Here

I gave this as a gift to my daughter. She absolutely loves it. She has WK iced tea brewer too. She uses the iced tea brewer all the time. Especially for her daughter. It's great for keeping her hydrated especially that she is not much of a water drinker. The WK teas are so flavorful, no sugar needed. As for the Conflicted Brewer I tried some of the coffees and WOW what a big difference. It certainly beats any cold brews you purchase. It's so smooth and rich of flavor. Having the ability to use as an iced tea maker makes having extra tea around during these hot days coming will be a great bonus. Definitely try this. It's amazing and has the ability to create coffee and tea whenever you want. Looks great and not too big for storage.

Patricia Pace

I absolutely love the Conflicted Brewer! It is so easy to brew a great tasting iced tea. Fantastic
Thank you!