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Greek Mountain Tea

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Greek Mountain tea grows wild in the Mediterranean region and is prized for unique benefits. This is the tea that is mentioned on the Netflix Documentary "Live to 100" by Dan Buettner. It's grown at high elevation with no flavoring or additives. It's the pure herb in its natural form.

Greek Mountain tea has a light scent and flavor, with a naturally sweet finish and top notes of lemon. Great hot or iced.

Learn about the benefits of Greek Moutain tea by reading our blog article.

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Brewing Guide


8 oz


212° F

Serving Size

1 tsp


10 min

Customer Reviews

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Just Like Greece

The first thing I did when I came home from vacation last summer was look for a place where I could get Greek Mountain Tea within the US (i.e. without insane shipping costs). I was nervous that the quality wouldn't be as good as what I'd brought home with me, but it's great! Thank you, Whistling Kettle for existing so I can continue to enjoy this tea.

Linda Gillison
The joy of Greek mountain tea---Evcharisto!!!!

I've had my Greek Mountain tea for about a week, and I love it! Especially I enjoy the floral taste/aftertaste of the camomile (I think) and other good things.

Joyce Nichols
Greek Mtn.

First time buying and glad I did. Tasteful and mild, enjoying this tea.

Shatoiya De La Tour
Yummy All Day

I first heard about this tea in a new book, Elixir, which is a bittersweet non-fiction that takes place in the Balkans. They call the tea mursala. The author enjoyed it so much it made me want to try it. There is a wildness to it. To me, it tastes minty oregano, earthy and spry. I have drunk much tea in my life, and this is my new favorite.

Really Nice Flavor

This tea tastes really good. I drink a lot of white tea and this tastes a little similar in that it has a nice clean taste, not strong. Will buy a lot in the future!