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Comfort Chaga tea

Chaga Blend

If you are looking for a great tasting Chaga tea with great health benefits, this ought to be in your cupboard. Maine harvested Chaga mushrooms, organic bee pollen and turmeric form the backbone of this blend. Sweet honeybush and cinnamon with a touch of ginger round off the cup with a little spice.  Learn more about chaga.


This innovative blend also includes the power of chaga mushrooms and anti-inflammatory Turmeric (paired with black pepper for maximum absorption) as well as bee pollen.

Medical Disclaimer

About This Tea


Rooibos Tea, Chaga Mushroom, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Ginger, Bee Pollen


Spicey with lingering sweetness


Orange with reddish highlights

Caffeine Level

Naturally caffeine free

Brewing Guide






2 tsp


7 minutes

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Margaret L
Earthy with a bit of zing

As a cancer survivor, I've started gravitating more toward adding turmeric to my diet. So, this was partly a motivator for getting this tea. I've had mushroom tea before, but not Chaga. This, too, has beneficial anti-cancer properties. Plus I like things a little spicy, especially when cinnamon is added. Not everyone is into the earthy or vegetal teas, which I understand, but I don't mind them. I would order this one again.

Laura Hyler
Great Tea

I was a little leery of this tea at first because it has rooibos in it. However, the taste was absolutely delicious! I will be having this again.

Brian Palombo
Chaga Comfort Tea is really a comfort!

I was very surprised with this tea. I bought it for its homeopathic benefits but worried it wouldn't be a pleasant experience. Boy was I wrong! I am very pleased with the flavor of this tea. The Chaga mushroom is mixed with some turmeric and cinnamon both of which add just a hint of flavor to the overall mix. I like my tea slightly sweet so I added two Truvia packets but found that a teaspoon of honey was much better and it seemed to bring out a pleasing hint of smoke to the tea's flavor. Overall, the tea is smooth and a pleasure to drink. Thank you Whistling Kettle.

Lynne Bates
First time trying this.... I love it!

I had tried the Pure Chaga and liked it but I wanted a little different flavor. Decided to try the calming tea with the intent of drinking this in the evening before bed. I really enjoyed the flavor and found I did indeed sleep better.

Chaga tea

This tea is delicious and savory. And it has a lot of health benefits. Great tea!