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Scottish Breakfast

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The English and the Irish have their blends - so we couldn't leave out the Scottish! This blend consists of Assam and Nigiliri from India, Keemun from China and Ceylon Orange Pekoe. Like all quality breakfast teas, our Scottish Breakfast is strong and robust. Give it a wee splash of milk to highlight it's malty, cask-oak character.

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Brewing Guide


8 oz


212° F

Serving Size

1 tsp


4-5 mins

Customer Reviews

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Keith Monaco
Daily tea

My daily morning tea! Stronger than English Breakfast. I've also tried the German Breakfast, and honestly the taste is very similar. It's only if you have to two side by side do you notice that the German Breakfast has a slight malty taste, which I do not like as much, which is why this is my steady daily breakfast tea. I may add a dash of other teas as well (Vanilla Cream, Chai, or Snowflake) if I'd like a little bit of a different taste to it. Honestly, you can't go wrong with this one!

Mary Reider
Tastes best

I compared several different breakfast teas and found I prefer the Scottish Breakfast tea. It has a good strong tea flavor. It also has a very appealing aroma which adds to my tea experience.

Julie Evans
A good, strong breakfast tea

I really enjoy the slightly malty taste of Scottish Breakfast tea. It has been my go-to morning tea for the past five years.

Rosa Rhoads
great everyday tea

This is a great, robust everyday tea. I slightly prefer the German Breakfast, but that's only because I tasted them side by side. If I were to have them individually I doubt I would be able to tell the difference. They are both strong black teas (no milk or sugar) that resist going bitter.

You had me at Scottish.

I'm an evening tea drinker, but as a morning coffee guy, I like my tea to have a bit of weight to it. As such I typically drink something like an Irish Breakfast tea. When I saw this Scottish Breakfast I had to give it a try. You can definitely pick out a couple of notable flavors, and you're left with something of a pleasant aftertaste. I take my tea with a hint of milk and sometimes a dollop of honey, but I'd say if you oft times add a sweetener, you might try this without the first time. I found I prefer this particular tea that way.