Irish Breakfast

Black Tea

You'll notice this tea is shaped into little balls. That is CTC style tea, and it's meant to produce a strong bold cup - which is the preferred style of Ireland. The result is a cup that is so full bodied and thick you feel like you can chew it. Milk does a cup of Irish Breakfast good!

Using the Cut-Torn-Curl method of production, this tea emphasizes the heavy malt flavor typical of Kenyan black tea.

About This Tea


Black Tea


Full bodied, strong and malty


Bright cup with coppery highlights

Caffeine Level


Country of Origin

India, Kenya

Brewing Guide

Because of it's strength, these tea pairs well with milk. Sweeten with sugar or honey to taste.






2 tsp


3-5 mins

Customer Reviews

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This tea is worth waiting for!

I am a New Englander and learned to drink Irish Breakfast from my grandmother, but when I moved to south central Minnesota about a decade ago, I couldn't find good loose tea anywhere! On a trip back east, a friend introduced me to the Whistling Kettle. I was hooked! I mail-order Irish Breakfast and it is a wonderful malty blend with fabulous taste and a beautiful amber color. With honey and milk, it's how I begin my day each morning!

The Perfect Way to Start Your Day

I love a tea with a strong flavor, and this never disappoints! It's my "need to wake up and get to work" tea as well as my "ah, it's the weekend and time to relax with a cuppa while I watch the birds" tea. I moved far from the Capital Region but have never found another tea nor another tea seller that can come anywhere near the Whistling Kettle's Irish Breakfast.

I’ll be ordering this again!

I’m a big fan of Irish Breakfast Tea, so I was very pleased to receive this as my free Mystery Sample in my recent order. It’s a lovely, hearty cup; the leaves look like the CTC process and that always makes for a quick steep with deep flavor. I used two teaspoons to a 12-ounce mug, a bit of sugar and milk, and enjoyed a wonderful morning eye-opener--strong and hearty, but not bitter or harsh. This is definitely one to re-order in a larger quantity.

Myv "go-to" tea

I love a wide variety of teas but this is far and away my favorite. It is the only way for me to start the day. A little honey and milk and I am good to go although my favorite time is when I'm not "going" and I can sit with a great big mug of this tea and simply enjoy everything about it.

My review

This tea is strong and malty, and it has a great taste to it. It also jolts me awake in the morning, so there must be a lot of caffeine in it!