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Irish Breakfast

Organic Black Tea

You'll notice this tea is shaped into little balls. That is CTC style tea, and it's meant to produce a strong bold cup - which is the preferred style of Ireland. The result is a cup that is so full bodied and thick, it is just what you need to enhance any morning routine. Milk does a cup of Irish Breakfast good!


Using the Cut-Torn-Curl method of production, this tea emphasizes the heavy malt flavor typical of Kenyan black tea.

About This Tea


Organic Black Tea


Full bodied, strong and malty


Bright cup with coppery highlights

Caffeine Level


Country of Origin

India, Kenya

Brewing Guide

Because of it's strength, these tea pairs well with milk. Sweeten with sugar or honey to taste.






1 tsp


3-5 mins

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Mrs. Breen
Irish Breakfast

This Irish Breakfast blend is a favorite in our house morning, noon or night.

Robin G.
My absolute favorite!!

I cannot say how much I love this tea! It has a depth that I have been unable to find in any other Irish Breakfast tea, and I have tried many. Waking up in the morning, making my tea (I make it strong) and sipping slowly as I read the news is one of the small pleasures in life for which I am truly grateful. I know I sound over the top, but that is honestly my experience,

My Go To Tea

The Whistling Kettle was a recommended lunch spot for a wedding we attended and honestly I didn't even think about the name when we ventured in. Needless to say I was thrilled to see all the loose teas and learn that I could order them. I drink only black teas and for years was a die-hard Earl Grey drinker.Since discovering The Whistling Kettle I have tried the Scottish tea, German tea, Black Dragon Pearls and several others but the Irish tea has become my favorite. It has a nice bold flavor which works well with the dash of milk and splenda that I add to it. In some ways I am sad to say that Earl Grey is now low on the list but delighter to discover a new bold tea.

Mary Calabrese
Happy customer!

Loving my morning pot of tea with Irish Breakfast...I have two cups with a bit of stevia and almond milk to start my day...We'd always stop at Whistling Kettle on our time spent with friends in the area...SO glad I've started to order online so I can have these teas year round...

Carrie Christensen
Finally a Good Cup of Tea

I feel so lucky I found Whitling Kettle. I was looking for a strong Irish tea with a specific name but it turns out it was a proprietary blend from a company that had gone out of business. They convinced me to purchase their Irish Breakfast Tea and it was just what I was looking for. It has been years since I've had a good cup of tea and I'm so grateful. I add oat milk and a few drops of Agave and it's perfect. I'll never go back to store-bought tea bags!! ( :