Bags of tea on display at The Whistling Kettle's tea bar

Tea University 101: Intro to Tea

An empty university lecture hall

Lesson 1

Intro to Tea: A primer on the types of tea, how it's made, where it comes from, and more.

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A hand holds a basket of freshly picked tea leaves

Lesson 2

Processing: How tea goes from plant to cup.

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Two piles of loose leaf tea

Lesson 3

Loose vs. bagged teas: Pros and cons of each.

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Rolling hills cover a tea farm

Lesson 4

Tea Growing Regions: Where is tea grown? What styles come from each place?

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Tea is poured from a teapot into a mug

Lesson 5

Teas for the Total Beginner: Now that you know where tea comes from, what teas do we recommend trying first?

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A red tea pot sits on a bed of tea leaves

Lesson 6

Brewing Equipment: You've learned where tea comes from, learned which ones to start with, now learn what you'll need to brew a cup.

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