Best tea for the cold or flu

By Tea Guru January 2nd, 2020

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Keeping hydrated and best tea for a cold

Did you know that simply drinking tea on a daily basis will help boost your immune system? It turns out there are studies that show certain components found in tea - specifically EGCG and L-theanine that help strengthen the immune system by priming T cell activity.

You will find this combination especially high in green and white teas. One recommendation is to drink these teas during the early to mid part of the day on a regular basis to keep yourself going strong.

Best herbal tea blends for colds and flu

Besides green tea, there is an arsenal of beneficial herbs that have been associated with helping overcome a cold or flu. Drink teas during the season that contain these herbs, and double down if you notice you are not feeling well.

Herbs like sage, tulsi, elderberries, rosehip serve as antiviral sore-throat soothers. Echinacea has been shown in clinical trials to be as effective as tamiflu - with fewer side effects and at much lower cost.

From a cost perspective tea is also superior. Firstly, you can drink tea all the time - not just when you are not feeling well. Most herbal teas can be consumed on a regular basis without negative side effects. Think of it as a low dose medicine that is constantly circulating throughout the body.

Recommendations - what are the best teas to buy for a cold?

If you are drinking tea now, you are already boosting your immune system naturally. We list a few of our top recommendations below. But there are many more teas that can help. If you are overwhelmed and just want to try an assortment, we've created a sampler with a longer list of teas.

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