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Green Tea Sampler

Flavored and Pure Green Tea

Sample 6 delicious green teas! From fruity, to floral, to minty this green tea sampler will satisfy a broad range of appetites. 

Green tea samples included: 

  1. Dragonwell: Premium Organic Dragonwell from the Zhejiang Province, in China's West Lake District. Roasted and Vegetal, a superb example of this variety. 
  2. Gyokuro: Japan's finest Green Tea, made from single buds that are picked only in late April and early May. The tea is covered in bamboo, giving it a deep shade of emerald and a sweet, grassy flavor.
  3. Moroccan Mint: Traditional Moroccan Mint is green tea, usually gunpowder with mint leaves. But we've upped the ante by offering this tea which not only contains the mint leaves, but infusing the leaves themselves with crisp spearmint essence. This tea truly is the fresh maker!
  4. Golden Starfruit: Meet the starfruit. It's exotic. It's radiant. It's delicious. We pair it with papaya and mango to form a tropical flavor trifecta. Ice it up for the ultimate summertime thirst quencher. 
  5. Pinhead Gunpowder: This is the best grade available which uses only the smallest nuggets. A full bodied cup with a slightly nutty flavor, this is an ideal every day green tea at a 'buy 'em by the barrel price'.
  6. Strawberry Orange: This green tea blend pleases the senses with the fresh, ripe flavors of strawberries and oranges. Mountain Everlasting is an alpine flower full of flavonoids that helps stimulate the liver and gall bladder. Attractive, healthy and refreshing.

How much tea does one sampler make?

From one tea sampler you can enjoy, in total, 6-12 pots of tea or 18-36 individual cups of tea!


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Fresh and Clean!
Gift for my brother
Enjoy trying new teas
Green Tea Samp
Will be doing this again !