The King of Teas: Earl Grey

The King of Teas: Earl Grey

The King of Teas: Earl Grey

There are many myths and stories behind the origin of Earl Grey - but one thing for sure is that it has become one of the most popular tea flavors all around the world, and a must have for your Afternoon Tea party. Earl Grey, named after the English aristocat and Prime Minister Charles Grey, was first mentioned in 1824, associated with the idea of using bergamot (a citrus fruit) to enhance the taste of low-quality tea. Now, this combination of oil of bergamot and fine black tea have become a regular part of many people's daily routine.

Other variations of Earl Grey

Earl Grey is anything but a simple tea - with dozens of different flavors and one recognizable ingredient, there's always something new to try. At the Whistling Kettle, we offer a variety of interpretations of this English classic from traditional, decaf, cream, lavender and even fruit infused Russian style. Explore the world of Earl Grey tea with this Earl Grey Sampler pack, complete with 6 different Earl Grey teas.

Buckingham Palace Earl Grey Tea

If you've ever wanted the chance to taste the very finest earl grey tea - this is it! Inspired by the grandeur of Buckingham Palace, this black tea is fit for royalty.

Decaf Earl Grey

This caffeine-free blend has all the rich bergamot and black tea flavors so you can enjoy the tastes of Earl Grey, no matter the time of day. Now you can sip a lovely cup of Decaf Earl Grey before bed and won't lose your mind trying to get to sleep!

Earl Grey Cream

This is unlike any other Earl Grey you've probably tasted! Combinations of the classic citrus top notes of bergamot with creamy flavor and sweet mallow blossoms elevates Earl Grey to another level. A great option for afternoon tea - enjoy innovation at its finest!

Earl Grey Double Cream

A richer, smoother flavor than traditional Earl Grey - with added swirls of vanilla and caramel flavor. If your afternoon tea party enjoys some added creaminess and sweetness, this is the tea for you.

Lavender Earl Grey

What happens when classic British Earl Grey combines with French lavender? You get a delicate, aromatic Lavender Earl Grey that tastes like a breezy afternoon in a field of wildflowers. Lavender helps calm you down; Black tea picks you up. The perfect compliment for afternoon tea!

Russian Earl Grey

If you're feeling bold - try an intensified version of the classic Earl Grey tea! Orange peel, lemongrass, and blue cornflowers takes the usual blend of black tea and bergamot to another level. Brew it strong, Russian style, to take your afternoon tea party to the next level.