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Salted Caramel Chocolate

Flavored Black Tea

From Parisian pastry shops to your cup, we present you with the most seductive flavor combination: Salted Caramel Chocolate. The best part is that it's a healthy black tea rather than candy, making this treat a bit less sinful. Luxurious chocolate flavors melt with creamy caramel and a pinch of salt to brew a wholesome yet indulgent infusion. 


About This Tea

Top down photo of light amber liquid in round white tea cup - Tea Infusion


Black tea, Caramel, Chocolate, Salt, Natural Flavoring (Contains Allergen: Milk, Soy, Tree Nuts)


Medium bodied with a distinctive sweet/salty flavor.


Light amber

Caffeine Level


Brewing Guide






1 tsp


4 mins

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Salted caramel chocolate tea

Superb tea. One of the best salted caramel black tea blends around. I will definitely have this is my house as a mainstay.

Rosa Rhoads
so good

I don't typically drink flavored black teas (herbal yes, but not in the AM), but this is my exception. So good. I drink it black and I like the mild sweetness and delicious flavors. I received the 6 month subscription as a gift so I tasted several of the flavored black teas and this is the only one I'd consider purchasing.

Very Good!

I liked my trial of this tea and will get more. It has a chocolatey overtone on a nice black tea.

Allan Jensen
My All time Go-to tea

I started buying WK salted caramel chocolate (along with Aztec spice) many years ago. I was introduced to "chocolate" tea by another brand (well known but I will not mention here). They had only one chocolate flavored tea. I heard that Whistling Kettle had other teas with chocolate as an ingredient. So I came to the web site and was overwhelmed! How do I chose from this many? I ordered the samplers for about 5 different WK chocolate teas. It was not easy. I probably go back to some of those other and newer ones. I finally settled on salted caramel and Aztec spice just so I could not have more tea supplies than I could use over time. There are many, many different teas available, so I think your choice should be just that, your choice. When I go to one of those "coffee" places I always ask for Chai Latte. I should probably ask for chocolate tea latte and insist that they use Whistling Kettle. Or, hey WK folk, why not you? Would you be so kind as to cater to my "fix" and put out a chocolate chai latte? Or would that just make me even more crazy about your brand? I guess maybe I should audition to be your "tea spokesperson". Give coffee a rest folks! Tea is for me..!

Hi Allan!

We do indeed have a chocolate chai latte that we serve in our restaurants. :) Thank you for your kind review!

Your friends at,

The Whistling Kettle

So delicious!

I like a robust tea since I no longer drink coffee and this one hits the mark! I enjoy it so much.