• The Whistling Kettle Tea Monk's Blend
  • Cup of Monk's Blend tea next to bowl of Monk's Blend loose leaf tea.
  • The Whistling Kettle Tea Monk's Blend
  • Monk's Blend

Monk's Blend

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Organic flavoring is used in this black tea combining essence of vanilla and grenadine.  A favorite of Franciscan monks to remain awake during long periods of meditation. Good for the body and the soul!




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Ingredients & More Info

Ingredients: Black Tea, Calendula petals, Marigold petals, Sunflower Petals, Natural Flavors (organic compliant)
Origin: Sri Lanka, Kenya, India, Egypt, Poland
Caffeine Content: Medium


  • Sample (4-6 servings)
  • 4oz (56 serving)
  • 8oz (112 servings)
  • 16oz  (224 servings)

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Brewing Guide

For the best tasting cup we recommend the following:


8 oz


212° F

Serving Size

1 tsp


4-5 mins

These go great with Monk's Blend!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Judith C.
Best Ever .....

i have drink .... Monk's Blend for over 20 years ..the best tea ever ..cold or hot ....its great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah K.
I gave up coffee for you

I drink it every day with a tablespoon of brown sugar or a tablespoon of honey and some half-and-half. It is absolutely my favorite.

My new favorite

Absolutely delicious! I'm actually sad that I only got a sample bag of this one, but I am very glad this was one I decided to try. The cherry vanilla flavor really comes out with added sugar and I LOVE it. My old favorite WK tea was a grape pomegranate that they seem to have discontinued, so I'll need to order a giant bag of Monk's Blend just in case this disappears, too!

Tea L.
My Favorite

I LOVE Monks Blend. I first tried it Iced many years ago in the Ballston Spa location when it was their tea of the day. It has been my favorite ever since. I love it Iced but it is even great Hot as well.

George W.
Monk’s Winner

Started with a small sample of Monk’s Blend and found it quite good and interesting. Graduated to 4oz size and it’s become one of my new favorites. Good flavorful tea,not as outstanding in flavor and strength as the Secret Village but a nice runner-up.