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Golden Yunnan Royal Grade

Black Tea

Few teas produced in the world make the Royal grade and we are proud to offer this tea. It is made from high-quality buds that are painstakingly hand-picked and sorted. These tender, young leaves are covered and sun withered before oxidizing in temperature controlled rooms. With a careful balance of heat and moisture, the sauna-like environment causes the tea leaves to turn gold rather than black. Every few hours, the leaves must be turned over, which is done by hand..for forty days! This labor intensive process yields an exquisite masterpiece. Golden Yunnan Royal Grade tea has deep, malty flavors with top notes of citrus and lychee. Each complex cup invigorates the senses and and elevates the day to royal status.


About This Tea


Black tea


smooth full-bodied tea


medium copper

Caffeine Level


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Michelle McGill
Delicious yellow tea

Forget faint hearted flavor of some white teas, forget the grassiness of some green teas... Imperial Grade Yunnan Yellow offers delightful flavor to be savored hot or over ice. A truly lovely tea.

Nicholas Cannito
Smooth flavorful and simple

If you like a medium flavored tea that's not very acidic and ranges in flavors I would suggest this. Brew time dictates strength and brew temp can also play in but I would suggest right before boiling unless you want a bitter flavor. I have purchased this tea multiple times and have always enjoyed it. The only suggestion I have is transferring it to an air tight container as constant wear and tear from repetitively opening the bag can weaken the seal and compromise freshness which, honestly, is to be expected unless you are brewing large pots of tea every time or get a smaller portion

Smooth Brew

This tea is si smooth and refreshing, I love this as my Morning brew (1 of them) lol and would be ordering more to add to my collection

What I imagine the perfect cup of tea tastes like

Superb and worth the extra cost.

Craig Herrick
another enjoyable cup

This tea is wonderful way to start a day!