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Earl Grey

Flavored Black Tea

Oil of bergamot and fine black tea give Earl Grey its distinctive flavor. Charles Grey, a British Earl and Prime Minister in the 1800s, was the first to popularize this blend. He served his signature tea at diplomatic events, and the upper crust of Britain instantly fell in love with the fragrant, citrus flavor. Now you can enjoy a taste of this history and keep your pinky raised.


About This Tea

Top down photo of a copper colored liquid in round white tea cup - Tea Infusion


Black Tea, Cornflower petals, Mallow petals, Oil of Bergamot


Medium bodied bursting with Oil of Bergamot


Medium Copper tending Orange

Caffeine Level


Country of Origin

Sri Lanka

Brewing Guide






2 tsp


3-4 mins

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Cathy Kinder
Keeps it's crisp taste.

I often put my morning pot of Whistling Pot Earl Grey in a thermos to take to work. Even at the very end, it smells and tastes practically fresh made.

Margaret Smith
Splendid blend!

Perfectly blended!

david whelan
WK Earl Grey is excellent

For anyone that loves Earl Grey, this offering is the best I've had. I have been drinking another brand for several years and only changed because I became irked by that company's constant social campaigning, regardless of whether I agreed or not, just sell tea, for Pete's sake! I am so glad I did. I am not well versed enough to describe the subtleties of flavor, just suffice to say that it is very refreshing. You will very much look forward to it.

One thing I could add is that it is very forgiving on the steeping time. I have had those teas that become bitter if over steeped, this is not one. Just yesterday, I forgot about my pot and it went a good 10 minutes or more....still smooth as silk, delicious.

Glad I found Whistling Kettle. It's a blessing to see folks work hard and make something. I want to be part of that.

Ro Woodard
Perfect cup of tea

Best Earl Grey ever. Just what you expect in an Earl Grey. Love the blue cornflower petals. Not only tastes great, but look and smells so inviting.

George Webb
One of the best

A very good and flavorful Earl Grey. I would prefer a stronger tea and a more prominent citrus flavor. I steep it longer and add more tea than generally recommended.
Still a fine tea.