Top mound picture of The Whistling Kettle King of Silver Needles white tea with long white tea leaves.
Cup of King of Silver Needles tea in the middle of King of Silver Needles loose leaf tea.
Side mound picture of The Whistling Kettle King of Silver Needles white tea with long white tea leaves.
King of Silver Needles tea in 1lb and 3oz bags

King of Silver Needles

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One of the highest grade organic teas in the world, King of Silver Needles is soft and elegant. The fuzzy texture of the slender leaves shows that only the newest early spring buds were picked. Our King of Silver Needles tea is directly sourced from Fujian Province, China, where this tea was originally created. Crisp and refreshing in flavor, this white tea is filled with healthy antioxidants. The infusion is light with hints of apple and apricot.




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Ingredients & More Info

Ingredients: Organic White Tea
Origin: China (Fujian)
Caffeine Content: Low


  • Sample (4-6 servings)
  • 3oz (75 servings)
  • 6oz (150 servings)
  • 16oz (400 servings)

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Brewing Guide

For the best tasting cup we recommend the following:


8 oz


180° F

Serving Size

1 tsp


3-4 mins

These go great with King of Silver Needles!

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
King of silver needles

Good for the price.

James J.
They don’t call it the King for nothing

This tea. I should put 3 exclamation marks behind that sentence and call it done. However, I must carry on. First off it’s just pleasant to look at out of the bag, nothing like I’ve ever seen, and the aroma is subtle but perplexing both in the bag or in the cup. A hint of sweetness on the palate. I’m a pipe smoker and I must say this tea pairs very nicely with several of my tobaccos. It’s just a joy to enjoy. Hail to the Whistlers.

Lory T.

This is a really quality and worthwhile white tea. There's a natural sweetness to it that's difficult to compare to other things; so much better than sugar. No bitterness at all. It can also be re-brewed once or twice with nice flavor. This is one of my go-tos.

Sonja S.
Overall review

When I opened the bag it smelled very delicate and also fragrant. The leaves were very high quality and when we went to make some tea I was impressed by how light the tea was. It was not astringent at all it had a light fruity taste as the description says. I would personally brew it longer than the recommended time they have on here because it was very pale the first time brewing it. You can rebrew this tea in small increments and it’ll hold up well

Karen B.
Lovely tea!

Throughly enjoyable. I can rebrewed it three times, two hot then one overnight cold brew.