Top mound picture of The Whistling Kettle Blend 1776 black tea with cornflower, safflower, and jasmine petals.
Glass of Blend 1776 tea on top of Blend 1776 tea leaves.
Side mound picture of The Whistling Kettle Blend 1776 black tea with cornflower, safflower, and jasmine petals.
Blend 1776 tea in 1lb and 4oz bags

Blend 1776

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This tea proudly declares independence with a unique floral, maple flavor. After the Boston Tea Party, colonists used local ingredients like maple and strawberry leaves to substitute their usual British black tea. But now you can have the best of both worlds - our Blend 1776 combines Ceylon and Assam black teas with subtle maple and strawberry sweetness. A hint of jasmine adds a delicate top note to complete this full-bodied tea.




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Ingredients: Black Tea, Cornflower Petals, Jasmine Petals, Safflower Petals, Natural Flavors
Origin: Sri Lanka, India, Kenya, Albania, China
Caffeine Content: Medium


  • Sample (4-6 servings)
  • 4oz (64 servings)
  • 8oz (128 servings)
  • 16oz (256 servings)

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Brewing Guide

For the best tasting cup we recommend the following:


8 oz


212° F

Serving Size

1 tsp


4-5 min

These go great with Blend 1776!

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Karen W.
Above your basic plain black tea

I truly love this tea. I have brewed it by the 14 oz mug with a rounded up tsp & by the Big Steep pot with 3/4 TBSP. I have drank it hot, warm, & cold & love it every single time I brew it. I like the aroma of the leaves & love the flavor of this tea. I always can get 2 steeps from my leaves, however I let it steep much longer on my second steep. I have never experienced any bitterness from this tea at all. Anyone saying it is bitter is probably using too high temp water to steep. I do not add any form of sweetner or cream. I have not yet cold brewed this tea, but plan to soon do that as well. This is definitely one of my most favorite teas!

Deborah N.
1776 Blend Tea

Love the flavor and aroma of this blended tea. I add honey to it for a little more sweetness. It does have a sweetness to it and you can drink it plain or add milk or cream to it. Thank you for the tea.

Karen R.
Looks pretty in the package

It's a pretty blend in the package but not my favorite brewed tea. The first cup I brewed according to instructions was way too strong, the second cup I reduced the steeping time and it was way too weak. It may be a tea blend more suitable by the pot or as ice tea rather than brewing a cup at a time. I'm not giving up on it yet, I'll find the perfect way to enjoy this tea blend.

Loved it

Loved the floral aspect! Overall a great tea! Just don’t oversleep it like I tend to do on accident or it gets a bit bitter.

Elizabeth H.
Positively Delightful!

Stands up well to milk and honey. My favorite tea to savor on the weekend when I'm not in a rush.