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Tea of the Month - Black Edition

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Our tea of the month Black Tea edition focuses only on the black tea category.  Each box contains 4 teas, a combination of single source, blends and flavored black teas. Perfect for any black tea fan. This box is seasonally curated as well for you to choose from teas that are best served hot during cold weather months, and those that are best chilled or over ice during the warmer months.

What's included?

  • 4 different types of tea
  • Only black teas (flavored and unflavored)
  • First box includes starter set of all natural tea bags
  • Choose from either the Sampler or Deluxe edition. The deluxe version includes a 4oz package of most popular tea - you'll have enough tea for an entire month!



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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jacob H.
Amazing way to try new teas

For me, there are way to many variations of teas to merit buying them all in singles and trying them that way. I ordered my Keemun tea which I knew I loved. The black tea subscription sent me a coconut-almond tea which was actually amazing, a kambaa tea which was just alright to me but other people enjoyed it, and a regular and decaf earl grey tea. I am not a big earl grey fan because it seems very standard, but the lavender earl grey was not too bad for bedtime tea drinking.

Always Earl Grey..

I love the tea and the subscription! Yhe only issue i have is every box has had 1 to 2 samples or a large bag of some type of earl grey. I am not a fan of Earl grey at all so that was a bummer for me. However, i did mention that at the local shop and the manager allowed me to replace the large bag I received for another black tea that was equal price! For that i was so appreciative! I wish there were more varieties in sent then Earl Grey almost every time, other that then i love it!

Rebecca S.
Nice gift idea

I got this as a gift for my tea drinking mother. She enjoys trying new teas. She receives quite a lot every month. She tells me she enjoys it.