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Gingerbread Cookie

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At the heart of this blend lies a trio of South African wonders: rooibos, honeybush, and green rooibos. These naturally caffeine-free infusions provide a smooth and mellow base, offering a rich amber hue that reflects the vibrant colors of the season.

To complement the natural sweetness of rooibos and honeybush, we've artfully blended in a medley of delightful flavors. The essence of cinnamon bark dances on the palate, infusing each sip with a comforting spice that echoes the scent of freshly baked goods.

Plump raisins and zesty ginger root add a fruity and warming twist to the blend, while the indulgent touch of candied ginger and candied pineapple balances the brew with a delightful sweetness that lingers on the tongue.


Rooibos, honeybush, green rooibos, natural and artificial flavor, cinnamon bark, raisins, ginger root, candied ginger, candied pineapple, maple bits, safflower

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Naturally Caffeine Free

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8 fl oz


212° F

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Customer Reviews

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Better than I expected

This tea was a lot sweeter and richer than I expected. It's very cookie-like, it's a great dessert tea and it's very aromatic. I wouldn't say it's ginger-heavy, so if you're looking for the soothing and healing properties of ginger, go with an herbal tea. This one is very tasty, though!

I bought a sample size and now that I'm nearly done with that I'm considering buying a full bag!

Not a fan

I was not a fan of this tea and gave it to a friend. It was bland like plain oatmeal.

Tea Lover
Taste Great!

I did not get the gingerbread flavor in this - it more reminded of those pecan logs with the nougat filling I had as a child. Still very good though!

Lorena Miller
Winter's glory in a cup!

I love gingerbread, and have since being a kid, and this tea is soooo delicious. Its a nice reminder of childhood gingerbread cookies and my mothers gingerbread cake, only thing missing is the whipped cream (my mother put whipped cream on everything! LOL) Love the cinnamon and fruit flavors melding with the ginger and nuttiness. I got the big 16 ounce package to make sure I was going to hunker down this winter with some great tea from WK!

Tatiana Benchik
Very delicious

Original country for me - Russia, where many people like tea. My favorite kinds are herbal teas. I think that this tea will be one of my lovely.