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Milk Oolong

Pure Milk Oolong Tea

Each sip of this oolong tea brings to mind buttery pastries and sweet custard. Milk Oolong is naturally rich and creamy without any dairy added. The 'milky' flavor comes from a process of withering the tea leaves overnight in a temperature controlled room that is cool but humid. The result is a tea unlike any other, with a silky mouth feel and notes of cream and honey. Milk Oolong tea leaves can be steeped multiple times and each brew will have a subtly different flavor profile.


About This Tea


Pure Oolong Tea


Orchid notes with sweet milk


Tending greenish

Caffeine Level


Country of Origin

Wuyi mountains - Fujian - China

Brewing Guide






1 tsp


3-4 mins

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Debra Paulson
Milk Oolong

I love this tea brewed at the right temperature and length of time. It is smooth and has buttery notes. It makes several good brews using the same leaves. I really like my Cuisinart Tea kettle for brewing teas at various temperatures. It has choices for green, white, oolong, black. I also use it to make my own kombucha. Apple spearmint and paw paw kombucha made with this tea is so good, my daughter told me that I should market it. I just make it for family.

Lawrence Silverman
Oolong that is wonderful

I love milk oolong and The Whistling Kettle has an excellent tea in this one. It is stronger than a straight green, as it should be. It has a deep rich taste, as it should have. Of all their oblongs this is the one I love the most, and you should try it.

Steven Gelb
My favorite oolong

I never had milk oolong tea and became interested in trying it after seeing a pottery studio that is named for it. (Milk Oolong Studio in San Diego) I found the tes to have a creamy gravitas that I haven’t experienced in other oolongs, and it’s now a favorite that I drink most afternoons.

Linda Tuyl
Best green tea!

Best green tea ever!! It really does have a creamy flavor. It's great iced, too. Little need for sweetener.

Michelle Heyward-Cooper
Unique and delicious

This tea is so smooth, it literally tastes like it has cream and sugar in it. It's such a nice cup of tea for the afternoon when it's too late for me to have a higher caffeine tea. I drink this almost every day.