• Top mound picture of The Whistling Kettle Decaf Blueberry Mango black tea with dried mango, blueberries, and cornflowers.
  • Cup of Decaf Blueberry Mango next to Lil Springer and Decaf Blueberry Mango loose leaf tea.
  • Side mound picture of The Whistling Kettle Decaf Blueberry Mango black tea with dried mango, blueberries, and cornflowers.
  • Decaf Blueberry Mango tea in 1lb and 4oz bags

Decaf Blueberry Mango

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Ripe blueberries and mango shine strong in this fine black tea. Decaf Blueberry Mango makes a delightful infusion full of juicy fruit nectar and delicate cornflowers. We use a CO2 decaffeinaton process to remove the caffeine from the black tea without losing any flavor. What are you waiting for? Ditch the caffeine and run away to a tropical sunset of fruity flavors.




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Ingredients & More Info

Ingredients: Decaffeinated Black Tea, Mango Cubes (mango, sugar), Blueberries, Cornflower Petals, Natural Flavors
Origin: Sri Lanka
Caffeine Content: Decaffeinated


  • Sample (4-6 servings)
  • 4oz (56 servings)
  • 8oz (112 servings)
  • 16oz (224 servings)

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Brewing Guide

For the best tasting cup we recommend the following:


8 oz


212° F

Serving Size

1 tsp


4 mins

These go great with Decaf Blueberry Mango!

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Pedro G.M.
Great Taste

My wife loves it she can only drink decaf stuff, this tea hits the spot. W also got some for our family for sure we will order more. Glad we found your web site.

Bill D.
Wife loves it

Smells great when brewing.

Best Defac Tea ever!

This tea has amazing flavor. If you cannot have caffine, you have found your tea.

Great find!

Love love love the fragrance and taste. Fruity scent spread in the kitchen while steeping and smelling every time I sip. Just lovely!
Due to a health condition, I had to give up caffeine recently. Never a fan of decaf so I haven’t had a tea for a while. This tea is amazing and I am happy to enjoy tea again!

Decaf Blueberry Mango

We've been enjoying the Blueberry Mango tea for several years now. After moving to Colorado, we decided to order it online. Thanks to the Whistling Kettle!