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Dragonwell Longjing

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Prized for its unique sword-shaped leaves and jade green color, Dragonwell exhibits a fresh, clean aroma and mellow flavor. Notes of chestnut and honey mingle in each cup.

Also referred to as Longjing, during the Qing dynasty in China, the Emperor himself endorsed Dragonwell as his favorite tea, elevating it to royal status. This green tea is a sophisticated choice for the budding connoisseur. Delight in a cup of Dragonwell Longjing Tea and enjoy the exceptional flavor of this Chinese green tea, shop today!

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Brewing Guide


8 oz


170° F

Serving Size

1 tsp


3 mins

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
My favorite Chinese tea

This delightfully mellow and complex tea has a flavor reminiscent of autumn leaves. It is my second favorite tea behind Gyokuro. An excellent choice for an afternoon tea. I agree with other posts that this is as good or better than any other Dragonwell out there. And I love that it is certified organic.

Kathryn Kent

As with all your teas, this one is wonderful. Much higher quality than grocery store brands, and fun to brew. Package came quickly--great customer service!

Holly Vance
Delicious tea

I have tried many Dragonwell green teas over the years and this is the best tasting Dragonwell I have found. I highly recommend this tea!

Lawrence Silverman
My favorite tea

This is the tea I go to most often. I wrote a review on this once before, but here's an addendum.

It is better than any of the local teas I can find in Florida, so I order it online and have it shipped. Once, only once, did I get a better tea. But...it was from a friend with relatives in Taiwan and he travels there every year. He brought me back their ELITE tea one time and gotta admit, it was special. So, if you have friends or relatives in China or Taiwan, you're in luck. Otherwise, this tea is pretty damn good!

Jeffrey Trust
Really good

I've been drinking another brand of dragonwell for a few years and have never found one I liked better than that one... until this one. I do have to steep this a little longer than other dragonwells, but the depth of flavor is much better with this compared to any other I've tried.