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Twas the Great Hallows Eve

‘Twas the Great Hallows’ Eve

Written for our exclusive use by D. Lieber of

An Adaptation of A Visit from St. Nicholas by Clement Clarke Moore, first published anonymously in 1823 by the Sentinel of Troy, New York.

‘Twas the great Hallows’ Eve when we stepped into the night.

All the creatures were stirring to bring us a fright.

The pumpkins were carved and lit up inside,

Their eyes flickering with laughter, their mouths grinning wide.

The children were squealing as they skipped down the road,

Their pillowcases bursting with their sugary load.

And Dad in his cape and I with my sword,

Looked on with smiles at the pint-sized horde.

The sidewalks were teeming with families of every kind,

Making happy memories they would never leave behind.

When at last we reached the final house on our block,

Its decorations were spooky; they gave me a shock.

The kiddies crept toward the door, clutching our hands,

Their fear held at bay by a spiderweb’s strands.

When all of a sudden, a shriek split the air

As ghoulish monsters appeared in a pair.

But seeing the creatures were just our good hosts,

The screams turned to giggles, blushes, and boasts.

Finally turning home, I was ready to rest,

My feet only hurting as the night had progressed.

With the candy all checked, the children lay on the floor,

Swapping and sharing their treats galore.

One piece each they were allowed before bed.

We did not relent though they begged and pled.

When all was quiet and the kids were asleep,

I collapsed on the couch in an exhausted heap.

Smiling down at me, with a mug in each fist,

Dad sat beside me, his glasses foggy with mist.

We cuddled together, sipping our Whistling Kettle tea,

And shared a few chocolates, just two or three.

Laying my head on his shoulder, I whispered in his ear—

“Happy Halloween,” so only he could hear.