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Top 5 Customer Favorites - Summer 2022

Top 5 Teas of the Summer 2022

Tea and summer were made for one another. The warmth of the summer sun takes over, and as the sweat trickles down your face all you can think about is sipping on something cool and refreshing. You might think water is the best way to quench your thirst, but take this into account:
  • Whether you brew it hot or cold, drinking tea will give you the hydration you need. In fact, it has been proven to be just as hydrating as water.
  • Tea has powerful antioxidants, known as polyphenols, which reduces the impact of harmful and damaging UV radiation from the sun.
  • Tea boosts your metabolism, mood, and energy levels, helping you get into summer shape.
  • Warm teas aid digestion greatly as well as helping to promote sweating (which helps you cool off!)
  • Tea aids in preventing nausea, dehydration, and heatstroke.
Now you know why tea is a drink of choice for the summer. You'll never guess who our best seller was this year!

5. Vineyard Peach Strawberry

What screams summer better than vine ripened peached and fresh, juicy strawberries? Real fruit juice concentrate adds authentic flavor to this black tea, along with delicious strawberries and tangerine. This tea is an exceptionally healthy way to hydrate. With no sugar added, this particular set of flavors draws out a subtle sweetness that pairs perfectly with any summer activity. Take an intimate look at our Vineyard Peach Strawberry tea.

4. Kettle Iced Tea Blend

This is a robust and versatile black tea that works great for sweet tea or combined with lemonade, so we're not surprised it made its way to the top 5. Our local customers know our tried and true formula for black iced tea as each of our cafes are full of iced tea orders all summer long. Our Kettle Iced Tea is inspired by Texas-styled Southern Sweet tea. It's a well-balanced, full flavored black tea blend with that bold black tea flavor, enough to withstand the sweetness needed for a classic Southern sweet tea. Of course though, sweetness is optional.

3. Earl Grey Cream

Some people might not think of Earl Grey when it comes to summer drinks, but Earl Grey is as traditional as it gets! With natural cream flavoring, this brings the Earl Grey experience to a whole new level. This is the ideal tea for beginners who want an exquisite, high-tea flavor profile. Earl Grey Cream is the tea to serve to guests for that 'wow!' factor. Like our earl grey cream? You'll LOVE our NEW earl grey double cream! This premium blend of Earl Grey has a richer smoother flavor than the traditional version. With swirls of vanilla and caramel flavor, this is a great tea for breakfast or dessert.

2. SnowFlake

Looks like our #1 best selling tea is taking a step down! What turned out as a limited edition seasonal was in such high demand that it eventually became a full year round selection. It has consistently been one of our top sellers for over 10 years. There's a reason this tea has remained a top seller, even through the summer! A sweet-spice combination with almonds, coconut, and cinnamon creates the perfect classic all year round.

1. Purple Tea Whole Leaf

Who guessed Purple Tea would be our best seller this summer? Our Purple Tea was introduced to our collection in 2020, and in two years time it has become our best seller (and for good reason!). We officially launched a full variety of Purple Teas this spring which includes Purple Rain, Purple Jasmine and Purple Mint. This is the original pure purple tea from the Nandi Hills region of Kenya. It contains high levels of anthocyanin, the same antioxidant that gives berries their purple, red or blue hue. Purple tea is processed lightly like a green tea and has similar anti-inflammatory health benefits. Sweet and mildly fruity, our Purple Tea Whole Leaf is a hidden gem. Purple tea combines the health properties of green and black tea, adds a new UNIQUE health benefit, and offers farmers a chance to increase their income. Read more about purple tea here!

Was your favorite on this list? If not, let us know what your go to summer tea is!

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