Chaga Tea Blend - Forest and Sea

Most teas tend to grow in high altitude regions, many in tropic or sub-tropic zones. Herbs are more widespread, growing pretty much anywhere. Chaga is typically found in northern forests. But what about the seaside? We've collected a variety of herbs you're probably already familiar with - fennel, chamomile, peppermint and aloe. To this we've added ingredients from the forest (chaga) and the sea (sea buckthorn and chlorella)

Chaga Tea

We have been a big fan of Chaga since we introduced our Comfort Chaga blend. Chaga is a forest grown mushroom that lives mainly on birch trees. Over time, it accumulates an incredible number of antioxidants. For more information, refer to our blog post on Chaga and its benefits. Chaga has many adaptogen properties, making it a great naturally caffeine free addition to aid in stress relief at any time of day.

Sea Buckthorn Benefits

The leaves have been adopted for health benefits, while the berries, being more bitter, are used to make juice, jams, and liquors! The herb has been used for thousands of years as a natural remedy against different ailments, the benefits include:

  • stimulating the digestive system
  • enhancing heart and liver health
  • rich in vitamins, minerals and other trace elements
  • aiding arthritis, diabetes, and rosacea


These freshwater algae are produced mainly in Japan and Taiwan for its health benefits. These are nutrient-dense algae that have shown promise for things like lowering cholesterol to detoxification via binding to heavy metals. Chlorella contain many of the same benefits as known herbs, including boosting antioxidants, lowering blood pressure, etc. Like spirulina, these algae contain vitamins C, B6 and B12. They also contain protein, which is absorbed into our bodies as if it were protein from milk or eggs, which is super rare for a plant protein!

A different Chaga tea

These unique ingredients come together incredibly well, and if you are looking to explore the health benefits of Chaga with additional ingredients, then we highly recommend this blend.