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Top 5 flavored iced teas for summer

Choosing flavored iced teas for summer

Summertime means lots of hydration, and tea is the ideal beverage for summer for several reasons:

  • If you use loose leaf tea and make it in bulk, your cost per serving is much lower than individual store bought.
  • Tea has the same hydration properties as water, so you can maintain your fluid intake.
  • You can have tea with or without caffeine. Either way, you can drink lots of tea without over doing your caffeine intake.
  • Tea has many health properties, such as antioxidants that are superior to just plain water (just watch the sugar).

Without further ado, here are our 5 top flavored teas for summer:

#5 - Flavored iced tea: Casablanca

This has been a perennial favorite because of it's berry centric combination that oozes flavor! Elderberry, papaya, kiwi, strawberry & raspberry are combined for a deep, rich brew that contains no caffeine. We recommend just a small pinch of sugar to bring out some of the flavor.

#4 - Flavored Iced Tea: Shaolin's Grove

This is exceptional because it contains three different types of green tea plus a bonus white tea forms the base. Natural flavors of citrus, exotic fruits and jasmine balance provide a just enough lift of flavor without overpowering the higher end teas of this blend.

#3 - Flavored Iced Tea: Vineyard Peach Strawberry

Even though there is no sugar added, this particular flavor combinations elicits a subtle sweetness that pairs well with any fun summer activity. Real ripe fruit pieces and 100% natural flavors make flavored tea a proven winner.

#2 - Flavored Iced Tea: Golden Starfruit

Anyone who is skeptical that green tea isn't as flavorful as black tea will change their mind once they try this amazing blend. Brimming with flavor, big chunks of mango and starfruit slices - this is our top selling green tea!

#1 - Flavored Iced Tea: Tropical Paradise

This flavored black tea screams summer! A black blend with a sprinkle of green tea, loaded with fruit such as pineapple, papaya, strawberry and more!

Brewing Recommendations

Having a dedicated iced tea brewer makes brewing larger quantities a breeze. Simply throw in a few scoops of tea, add hot water, top off with ice or cold water and serve. Or leave overnight for a smooth cold brew!

Follow our step-by-step guide to the many methods of making iced tea!

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