Day 10 of 12 - Cinn-O-Bun Rumchata Latte

Day 10 of 12 - Cinn-O-Bun Rumchata Latte

Day 10: Cinn-O-Bun Rumchata Latte​

No matter what age you are, you just can't beat a warm, fresh cinnamon bun on Christmas morning. Our Cinn-O-Bun Rumchata Latte is creamy and sweet with a kick of cinnamon spice! It's a delicious drink perfect for your holiday parties, and tastes just as great even when you omit the alcohol. 

The classic taste of cinnamon with bits of icing makes our Cinn-O-Bunn tea taste just like the real thing. This comforting hot beverage can be enjoyed any time of the day - though in our opinion it's best in the morning. 

What you'll need


  1. Heat 2 cups of water in a medium sized pot until 212 F
  2. Add 3 tbsp of Cinn-O-Bunn tea to large infuser or disposable paper tea bag.
  3. Submerge infuser or tea bag and steep for 4 minutes.
  4. Remove infuser or tea bag.
  5. Add 2-3 tbsp sugar or sweetener into brewed tea and stir until dissolved.
  6. Add in rumchata if you want to add a boozy twist to your latte.
  7. Stir together ingredients.
  8. Rim glass with cinnamon sugar mixture.
  9. Fill glasses 3/4 the way.
  10. Heat up milk or dairy alternative until steaming (do not boil).
  11. Pour steamed milk into a tall container, making sure to leave extra room.
  12. Froth together until desired foaminess.
  13. Pour frothed milk into your tea and scoop the foam on top.
  14. Add a dash of cinnamon on top. Enjoy!


For the best balance of flavors, be careful not to over steep this tea, or it will have a very strong cinnamon taste.

If you're adding rumchata, we recommend keeping it room temperature as to not bring down the temperature of the latte.

You can use any milk (dairy or dairy-free) for this drink. Keep in mind that some dairy alternatives such as almond milk foam better than others such as oat milk.

If you don't have a frother, heat the milk in the microwave or a pan and pulse a few times in a blender. You can also shake it in a mason jar - just be careful not to make the milk too hot. If you have whipped cream, you can skip the frothing step and just top your latte with whipped cream for extra indulging.