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Using a glass tea tumbler

Brewing tea in a glass tumbler - a usage guide

Brewing tea in a glass tumbler is one of the most convenient, easiest and attractive ways to brew and drink tea. They are especially suited for desk work, especially for tasks like writing, studying or anything where your mind needs to focus and concentrate for a long period of time. If your hitting the books for a few hours, a cup of tea isn’t going to cut it because it will get cold pretty quick. That’s why a glass tumbler is a great choice. Just throw in a little tea, add hot water and your good to go!

Infusing tea with a glass tumbler instructions

Method #1: The 'tea in' method

Most glass tumblers use simple screens and use what we refer to as the ‘tea in’ method of brewing. This is where you do not remove the tea leaves and use the screen to filter out the tea before it reaches your mouth. The steep in method keeps the leaves in the entire time. You might ask, wont this result in the tea being undrinkable after a while? The answer is - for most teas, no if you tweak your brewing practices. The actual process of the tea getting bitter is the result of the time, quantity of tea and heat. By adjusting these variables you can make it so you can leave the tea in the hot water without the associated bitterness. The trick is to use less tea and slightly cooler water than what is called for. The combination of these two methods usually works just fine.

Method #2: Steep and remove

You can use the the steeping basket with the screen in case you want to remove the leaves from the tumbler or don't want the leaves to be steeping the entire time. You can remove the basket entirely, or leave it in there, and just drink the a little so that the leaves are no longer sitting in hot water.

Important use and care instructions for glass tumblers

Glass is fragile, and must be treated as such. To get the most use of your glass tea tumbler, follow the following guidelines

  • If you are bringing it outside or want more heat retention, use an insulated jacket for your tumbler. It will give you an extra layer of protection and additional heating time.
  • Be careful handling the tumbler. Tipping the tumbler over will almost certainly break the inner chamber
  • Do not slam or use any force when placing the tumbler on a hard surface.
  • Avoid drastic temperature changes. While the tumbler can handle room temperate to boiling water, it may break if the glass is chilled and then exposed to hot water.
  • Do not drop ice cubes into the bottom of the tumbler
  • If you are using sweetner, place some at the bottom of the tumbler and add a little hot liquid to swirl it to dissolve. We do not recommend using metal spoons or stirrers to avoid potential damage.
  • Hand washing recommended