Day 4 of 12 - Mint Choco-Chip Matcha Latte Recipe

Day 4 of 12 - Mint Choco-Chip Matcha Latte Recipe

Day 4: Mint-tea Chocolate Chip Matcha Latte

There's just something special about the combination of chocolate and mint - especially during the holidays! This iced drink (which is also delightful hot) is much like a mint chocolate chip ice cream - but way better for your health

What do you get when you mix Chocolate Matcha with Mint tea? The perfect match-a! Matcha is usually whisked with hot water, but instead we decided to use some fresh steeped Moroccan Mint tea! Super easy, yet delicious this caffeinated matcha latte is the perfect balance of mint and chocolate. 


(Makes 1 serving)


  1. Heat 1 cup of water until 195 F
  2. Add 2 tbsp Moroccan Mint tea in a large infuser basket or disposable, fillable tea bag.
  3. Submerge infuser or tea bag and steep for 3 minutes.
  4. While your tea steeps, prepare your glass by drizzling chocolate syrup around the inside of the glass.
  5. Remove infuser or tea bag.
  6. Sift the chocolate matcha into a small bowl
  7. Add 4oz of hot tea to the matcha powder and whisk until completely dissolved without any clumps.
  8. Add your choice of sweetener to the matcha mixture.
  9. Continue to whisk until your sweetener dissolves and bubbles form on top.
  10. Fill your glass with ice to the top
  11. Fill your glass halfway with your milk or dairy alternative.
  12. Pour your matcha over the milk.
  13. Top with whipped cream and drizzle chocolate syrup on top.
  14. Garnish with a peppermint stick for some added festivi-teas & enjoy!


Our Moroccan Mint tea is a spearmint flavor - but our Peppermint tea would also work great for this latte. Plus, peppermint is great for digestion.

If you don't have a Matcha Whisk, using a mason jar, shaker, or bottle are also common ways to make matcha without a whisk.

Easily make this into a hot latte, follow our recipe for a hot Vanilla Plum Cake Matcha Latte - just substitute the tea and matcha!

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