made on savory scone of the day

spicy tuna & tomato 9.00

tuna salad, tomato, swiss, chipotle sauce

blt 9.00

contains nuts

bacon, lettuce, tomato, brie, provolone, pesto aioli

ham & swiss 9.00

ham, swiss, apricot jam

tomato & arugula 9.00

contains nuts

tomato, arugula, fresh mozzarella, basil pesto, balsamic glaze

sausage 9.00

contains nuts

italian sausage, sundried tomato pesto, fresh mozzarella

veggie & goat cheese 9.00

contains nuts

basil pesto, goat cheese, roasted onion, garlic, tomato, eggplant, red pepper, squash, zucchini

Savory Crepes

includes kettle chips(gluten free* crepe batter available - contains nuts)

ratatouille 11.00


roasted eggplant, zucchini, squash, garlic, roasted red pepper, tomatoes, onions, goat cheese

farmer’s crepe 11.00

contains nuts, omit bacon for vegetarian

basil pesto, spinach, artichoke hearts, bacon, tomatoes, mozzarella

monte Cristo 11.00

contains nuts, omit bacon for vegetarian

roasted turkey, ham, swiss, raspberry melba sauce, spinach & dusted with powdered sugar

tarragon mushroom chicken 11.00

caramelized mushroom, leek, roasted chicken, tarragon, brie, sherry

chicken, bacon & roasted red pepper 11.00

contains nuts

roasted chicken, bacon, roasted red pepper, basil pesto, mozzarella

turkey, cranberry & brie 11.00

contains nuts

roasted turkey, brie, cheese, cranberry chutney

hawaiian 11.00

ham, bacon, spinach, pineapple, cheddar, thai chili sauce, banana pepper

Delectable Panini Sandwiches

includes kettle chips - substitute salad or soup $3

garden 11.00

vegetarian, contains nuts

roasted red pepper, artichoke hearts, spinach, mozzarella, basil pesto aioli, herbed focaccia

eggplant 11.00

vegetarian, contains nuts

roasted red pepper, fried eggplant, sun-dried tomato pesto, mozzarella, on ciabatta

ballstonian 11.00

contains nuts

roasted turkey, bacon, roasted red pepper, basil pesto aioli, artichoke hearts, mozzarella on ciabatta

turkey avocado 11.00

contains nuts

roasted turkey, provolone, tomato, sundried tomato pesto, guacamole on ciabatta

ratatouille & goat cheese 11.00


roasted zucchini, squash, tomato, eggplant, onion, red pepper, garlic, goat cheese on herbed focaccia

apricot, ham & brie 11.00

bacon, ham, apricot preserves, brie, peaches on ciabatta

sausage, pepper & onion 11.00

sweet sausage, onion, garlic, green pepper, red pepper, mozzarella on ciabatta

buffalo chicken 11.00

roasted chicken, bacon, spinach, hot sauce, bleu cheese on cibatta

sweet turkey, ham & swiss 11.00

roasted turkey, ham, swiss, honey mustard on ciabatta with maple syrup dip

horseradish roast beef 11.00

roast beef, mozzarella, spinach, red onion, horseradish sauce on herbed focaccia

chipotle chicken 11.00

roasted chicken, spinach, tomato, chipotle sauce, provolone on ciabatta

apple, bacon & 3 cheese 11.00

green apple, bacon, brie, mozzarella, bleu cheese, honey on ciabatta

turkey, cranberry & brie 11.00

roasted turkey, brie, cranberry chutney on ciabatta

The legendary Afternoon Tea

3 levels of greatness

afternoon tea 16.00

Includes any sandwich, quiche, premium salad or quiche + cup of soup or house salad + scone with cream and preserves or tea bread. Upgrade to savory crepe/cake for $4. Beverages ala cart.


kale caesar salad 11.00

contains nuts

shredded baby kale, rye crouton, walnut, dried cranberrie, romano cheese, caesar dressing

greek salad 11.00

greens, feta, tomato, kalamata olive, red onion, hummus, grilled naan

asian chicken salad 13.00

contains nuts

greens, carrot, almond, edamame, mandarin orange, roasted chicken, chow mein noodle, scallion, black sesame seed

goat cheese salad 11.00

vegetarian, contains nuts

mixed greens, grapes, red onion, butter toffee almond, goat cheese

chicken cobb salad 13.00

greens, red cabbage, carrots, cucumber, tomato, red onion, hard boiled egg, bleu cheese, roasted chicken, bacon

house salad 7.00


greens, red cabbage, carrot, cucumber, tomato

buffalo chicken salad 13.00

greens, spicy buffalo chicken, tomato, carrot, cucumber, green onion, celery, rye crouton, cheddar

Quiche, Club Sandwiches & Soup

quiche - baked fresh daily 11.00

includes chips. sub soup or salad 3

veggie club 10.00

includes chips. sub soup or salad 3

arugula, cucumber, tomato, green apple, red onion, guacamole, provolone, rosemary aioli on multigrain bread (untoasted)

turkey club 10.00

includes chips. sub soup or salad 3

roasted turkey, greens, provolone, bacon, tomato, garlic aioli

curry chicken club 10.00

contains nuts

curry chicken salad with celery, red onion, grapes, pecan, green pepper, provolone, arugula, apple, curry aioli

cup of soup 4.00

lobster bisque, roasted red pepper w/ smoked Gouda or seasonal specials

bowl of soup 7.00

lobster bisque, roasted red pepper w/ smoked Gouda or seasonal specials


scones 4.00

baked fresh daily

Types vary each day. Includes our homemade scone cream and raspberry preserves

tea bread 3.50

orange poppy, cinnamon nut streusel, lemon glazed, chocolate marble

flourless chocolate cake 6.00

3-layer carrot cake 8.00

godiva chocolate cheesecake 9.00

lemon berry mascarpone 7.00


gluten free* batter available (contains nuts)

lemon cream burst 8.00

lemon curd & scone cream

chocolate nutella 8.00

nutella & peanut butter

berries & cream 8.00

mixed berries & scone cream

peaches and cream 8.00

spiced peaches & scone cream

banana nutella 8.00

nutella & bannana

caramel apple 8.00

spiced apples & caramel

s'mores 8.00

graham cracker, nutella & marshmallow fluff

banana foster 8.00

bananas, caramelized in butter, cinnamon, sugar & rum, our scone cream, caramel

pina colada 8.00

pineapple, coconut cream run sauce, cherry

We are unable to separate checks. Maximum 4 types of payment accepted. Food and drink from outside vendors are not permitted. Not all substitutions can be accommodated. Allergy and gluten free information: We offer a gluten free bread option for $2 extra (contains eggs). Gluten free crepe batter also available (contains nuts). Please note that we are unable to guarantee that a menu item is completely free of allergens. Our kitchen is not gluten free or nut free.