Owner's Choice Sampler

Explore the flavors that our owner's call their favorite! This loose tea sampler includes:

  1. Ancient Forest: A specialty of the southwest province of Yunnan, this unique tea is harvested from ancient trees on the protected land of Jingmai Mangjing’s Blue Mountains. 100% organic, hand picked and sorted, this black tea brews a rich, earthy infusion with notes of cedar and honey. 
  2. Darjeeling Oolong: An absolute rarity from one of the top plantations within Darjeeling! Flowery flavor with mild, fully aromatic taste. A pleasure for tea connoisseurs.
  3. East Frisian Broken Blend: Our Flagship breakfast tea! Choice broken Assams with lots of tips provide intesnse malt and strength. Java and Sumatra estate teas provide roundness and depth.
  4. Banana Dulce: A serendipitous blend of ripe banana & sweet coconut with lingering aroma of fresh graham crackers with a deep caramel finish. Reminiscent of warm banana bread.
  5. Trugrit Energy Tea:This customized combination of tea and herbs is formulated to help you energize your mind and body first thing in the morning, and keep that energy level for hours..
  6. Purple Mountain Tea: Purple tea combined with a variety of herbs that provide a healthy dose of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Well rounded herbal notes with a floral-spice finish.

How much tea does one sampler make?

From one tea sampler you can enjoy, in total, 6-12 pots of tea or 18-36 individual cups of tea!


Customer Reviews

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Nice Variety

I have enjoyed this sampler of teas. The variety makes it fun and exciting for brewing. I am a fan of most teas so to have a little bit of everything is excellent! My favorite is the oolong but surprisingly the banana duluce is a close second.