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Owner's Choice Sampler

Explore the flavors that our owner's call their favorite! This loose tea sampler includes:

  1. King of Silver Needles: This Silver Needle white tea is one of the top grades available. The trademark signature style of this tea is it's peach fuzz texture which covers the long white needles. That fuzzy texture also contains the potent antioxidants that destroy free radicals. Great tasting white tea with a taste reminiscent of fresh apples. It's good to be the King! 
  2. Milk Oolong: This Oolong gets it's flavor naturally through a process of rapidly cooling the withering leaves. The result is an Oolong unlike any other, with green floral notes rounded by creamy goodness.
  3. German Breakfast: Our Flagship breakfast tea! Choice broken Assams with lots of tips provide intense malt and strength. Java and Sumatra estate teas provide roundness and depth.
  4. Chamomile Cookie: A serendipitous blend of ripe banana & sweet coconut with lingering aroma of fresh graham crackers with a deep caramel finish. Reminiscent of warm banana bread.
  5. Carrot Cake: Carrots, raisins, cinnamon - all the essentials are here. White chocolate adds a creamy, velvety layer. Naturally sweet with an intoxicating aroma with not a drop of caffeine. Drink hot - or make into an iced latte. 
  6. Cloud and Mist (Yun Wu): Literally translated as Cloud and Mist - this is one of the famous teas of China. Traditionally grown in areas of misty cloud cover, it provides natural shading that makes this a darker green tea than others. 

How much tea does one sampler make?

From one tea sampler you can enjoy, in total, 6-12 pots of tea or 18-36 individual cups of tea!

**Note: Tea selection subject to availability. Substitutions may be made.**



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Shannon Jones
Not too impressed

I wasnt a big fan of the flavors in this sample box. I found the only good one was the carrot cake flavor. I'm trying to get more into tea than coffee but I think I'll have to have the seasonal flavors before I get into oolongs, green teas etc

Excellent selection

I found my new favorite tea, Milk Oolong. Smooth, almost creamy taste with no need to add anything. Cloud and Mist is another soothing cup. Chamomile Crumble is a combination of dessert and sleep assist. Calming with a sweet and tasty finish. Carrot cake is another tasty treat. I’m not a fan of either King of Silver Needles (too bland) nor German Breakfast (strong black tea), though neither are objectionable and perfect for guests that are used to traditional tea or silver needle. The selection was varied and fun to try. I look forward to trying others.

Michelle Fuller
Nice Variety

I have enjoyed this sampler of teas. The variety makes it fun and exciting for brewing. I am a fan of most teas so to have a little bit of everything is excellent! My favorite is the oolong but surprisingly the banana duluce is a close second.