Iced Tea Pot

Our iced tea maker is made of sturdy borsalite glass and includes a stainless steel infuser. Iced tea recipes showing you how much and tea and water to use it printed right on the side.  Use it to make iced tea with a hot brew or steep overnight for a smooth cold brew experience. 44 ounce capacity and designed to easily sit on any fridge shelf.


Capacity: 44 ounces

Height : 10"

Width (with handle) : 6.5"

Glass Width/Depth: 3 7/8"

The recipes include: 

Iced Chai Latte - Try it made with Masala Chai or Vanilla Chai

Iced Fruit Tisane - Try it with our Casablanca Tea, Strawberry Kiwi Tea or Lotta Colada Tea

Iced Herbal Tea - Try with our Raspberry Lavender Tea

Iced Green Tea - Try with our Cherry Rose Green Tea or Cucumber Melon Tea

Iced Black Tea - Try with Mango Amazon, Vineyard Peach Strawberry or Decaf Blueberry Mango

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Love it!

I bought this tea pot/pitcher after another one, a different design, broke. I had bought that one in your tea room in Ballston Spa. (A place I love to stop at on my way through. There are so few real tea rooms around....)

I love the fact that it’s glass that can take the heat of real steeping. (Plastic would never be the same.)
And when I’m not in a hurry I do a cold brew in the fridge by letting the tea steep over night. The infuser is the best, the design of the whole pot is sleek and takes up only a little room on a shelf in the fridge. The directions on the side for making instant cold tea is a great help. Even authentic chai!

I drink iced tea every day. This is my best investment in a long time!
By the way, the customer service is super.

Great tea pot.

This is a real nice pot to make tea. Only thing I'd change would be to make it plastic instead of glass.